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ghostie: Ghostie Ref

by Finch~

Finch~ Ghost Charlie has a ref sheet and yes Ghostie is their canon nickname because it’s funny, fitting and also pretty cute and literally just a mix of Ghost and Charlie

Anyway I think I successfully pissed them off-

Ghostie: *pissed off noises*

by making said nickname canon but who cares it’s great

two versions of them exist as well!! Charlie Afton, who is an Afton, and Charlie East, who is not hsjsh

They’re both pretty similar, but their backstories are different

So, Facts time!! (Ones with a * only apply to Afton version)

- They’re pretty protective of loved ones, but still an ass
- Can be very formal if they want
- They’re actually very quiet and reserved once they've burnt off all their spare energy
- They can speak French I thought it’d be funny
- Trying to keep some sense of peace in the now abandoned pizzeria
- Has pretty much just said ‘fuck you’ to William Afton/Dave at this point, definitely done with his crap*
- Not at all very easily fooled
- Uses ‘pet names’ despite disliking being called them themselves
- Acts like they own the pizzeria sometimes (they definitely don’t)*
- Has been dead for a long time now and just sees everything as a big game
- A lot more of a jokester, but can lot more negative too
- Actually pretty sad about being dead
- Very sarcastic
- Keeps offering people tours around the pizzeria and Cassidy will evict them if someone dies
- *Tips hat to you*
- Can switch between being visible to anyone and visible to just the other ghosts, can and does use it to screw with people

Edit: Added their death mark!
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