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Gaiien Region: GHOST BIRD: Osslab and Ossprey

by Keleri

ossprey dex.png
Keleri Ancient Bird Fossil → (Infinity Energy Restoration) Osslab → (Lv. 40) Ossprey

#135 - Osslab (os (bone) + slab)
Matrix Pokémon
All Pokémon fossils contain a little of the energy of the once-living Pokémon, but Osslab is noticeably more active than most. They tend to show activity shortly after collection.

#136 - Ossprey (os (bone) + prey + osprey)
Skeletal Pokémon
Now that it has evolved, its body is free of the parent rock and it is able to fly with spiritual energy. Scientists have proposed various appearances for its original state in prehistoric times.

Design Notes:
Archaeopteryx fossil, ghosts and spirits

Osslab has NOT been conscious for 65 million years under the rock going insane, let me just get ahead of that darkfic interpretation right now. lol

Moriko was originally going to get an Osslab (then Ossbeak/Osschick or similar) in my fanfic but the fossil pokemon subplot didn’t quite work out.

I continue to be Too Tired™ to do Base Stats/Abilities/Moves for my fakemon, so feel free to suggest in the comments.
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