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Getting introduced to Galar

by Tudor21G

Tudor21G Your two favourite friends (possibly not your favourite) are travelling to Galar to start their new journey.

~Just don't get into any trouble, alright? Nobody wants to find out that you've been arrested by the Galar Police.

Come on, I'll be okay! We have uncle Miles~ and aunt Talia's house to stay at for now and our Pokémon will be there to protect us if anythin' happens.

~Just making sure. We all miss you. Stay safe. Bye!

Michael closed the conversation with a smile. He looked at Jodi, who was also having a conversation with her older brother.

~my gosh sis your pokemon are so annoying. Your charizard and toucannon are super lazy. Your shiftry and ursaring are hella annoying and your Glaceon keeps freezing my damn shoes! Couldnt you have let me take care of your Clefairy instead?

Just because Clef is a little more feisty, it~ doesn't mean that she'll get along with you better.

~whatever. Anyway why are you going with michael to galar again? You know that this isnt some sort of cliche anime thats all about friendship

Jodi frowned at his response.
"He's wrong..." She muttered. Michael looked over shoulder.
" 'Course he's wrong! We're in a cliche spin-off that's all about friendship!" Jodi rolled her eyes. She wrote a reply and closed the conversation.
"Anyway, shouldn't we be arriving in Wedgehurst right about now?" Just as she asked that, the train stopped. Michael smiled cheekily.
"Right on time. It's Galar Time!"



The two friends got off the train and entered the train station. There were a few people who were waiting for their train and even a PokéMart there.
"...Wedgehurst is smaller than I thought." Michael said, which made Jodi giggle. They headed out of the train station and saw the beautiful lands of Wedgehurst. There were kids playing, adults talking and some weird balls of fluff that were just rolling about. They started slowly making their way up Route 1, seeing farms and birds with red eyes. Three houses came into view. One was big and had a battle field outside, one was more rural and it's walls were covered by ivy and vines, and the last one was white, had a Cacturne scarecrow by the front door and a little purple mailbox. Michael noticed that there were two women that were standing in front of the house. The two women greeted them.
"Hello! You must be Michael and Jodi!" Said the woman with purple hair.
"Talia and Miles told us that you would come!" The woman with glasses added.

"But let us introduce ourselves. I'm Champee Linda(dumb name, I know)!
"And I am Player Karen(even dumber, don't hate)! We're you aunt and uncle's neighbors!"
"Oh, hello!" Jodi said with a polite smile. "It's nice to meet you!"
"We know that you'll probably start your journey," Karen started, "but we just wanted to let you know that before you leave, of you need anything, just stop by our house!" And with that, the two women disappeared in one of the houses, probably to drink tea or play Pokémonopoly. Michael smiled and entered the house. The inside was absolutely gorgeous!!! There was a vintage fireplace, a cute heart glass full of coloured sand, a cute and modern chandelier, a grey sofa, a round coffee table and that was just the living room! Jodi looked in awe at the decor.
"Now this is a house!" Michael said with a big grin. "Okay, let's go search for the rooms and then let's meet outside." They went upstairs, trying to decide what room they should claim.

Michael got the room at the end of the hallway and Jodi got the last one on the right. They met outside with their backpacks on, ready to go back through Route 1. They slowly made their way back to the town, trying get used to it.
"This place is so nice!" Michael said with a smile.
"I know, I just can't believe I found out about Galar just a month ago!" Jodi agreed with him.
"And I bet that we'll have nothing to worry about this time!" Just as he was saying that, he bumped into someone. "Oops, I'm sorry about that!" "Jinxed it..." He thought, embarrassed. The person turned around. It was a red-headed girl with blue eyes and silver hearts in her hair.
"Don't worry, it's nothing!" She said sweetly. "I haven't seen you around here before. I'm Sonia!" Michael thanked the Staryu that this person wasn't aggressive and responded.
"Nice to meetcha! I'm Michael and this is Jodi!" Sonia's eyes lit up.
"Oh, you're Miles and Talia's nephew and your his friend! Come on, Professor Magnolia wants to meet you!" Sonia dragged the two over to the Pokémon Lab, the building with the purple roof. The inside was full of books! An old woman was reading an old book while a little adorable cute little thing was watching her and wagging its tail. The little Pokémon whipped its head around when they entered and immediately ran to Sonia. "Hi, Yamper! Hello, Gran! I brought Miles and Talia's nephew and his friend!" The Professor looked up from her book and smiled.
"Oh, so you finally arrived!" She said with a little smile on her face. She put the book back on the shelf and made their way to them. "I am Professor Magnolia, Galar's Pokémon Professor. You must be Michael and Jodi. Miles and Talia told us you were coming."
"Hello!" Jodi greeted the Professor with a grin.
"How do you know my uncle and aunt?" Michael asked curious.
"Miles and Talia moved here a long time ago," Sonia began explaining, "and they were really friendly and fun to be around. Everyone in Wedgehurst knows them."
"They also wanted for me to meet you and endorse you, so you can participate in the Gym Challanges." Magnolia gave them both a letter of endorsement!
"Thank you, Professor!" Michael said with a big smile. "I feel like a new Trainer again! Wantin' to defeat the Gyms, goin' on an adventure with your pals, there's only one thing missing..." He looked at Professor Magnolia with a hopeful look in his eyes. The Professor understood what he wanted to say but shook her head.
"I don't know if I can..." She said.
"Please, Professor! Every new trainer gets one!" Michael begged her.
"...Okay. Just this once." She turned around and went to get desk. Jodi looked confused at Michael.
"Every new trainer gets what?" She whispered to him. Michael grinned.

"Just wait and see." Professor Magnolia came back with three PokéBalls in her hands. Realization dawned over Jodi. The Professor threw the PokéBalls into the air and three ADORABLE little Pokémon came out. A white bunny, a green monkey and a blue frog-chameleon thing. The bunny began running around with joy and Yamper chased him, tongue sticking out, the monkey began hitting things with its stick amd the frog-chameleon thing hid behind a chair. They all got back in front of the two trainers and posed. The Professor pointed at the monkey first.
"This is Grookey, the Chimp Pokémon and Galar's Grass Type Starter." Then, she pointed at the white bunny. "Scorbunny, the Rabbit Pokémon and Galar's Fire Type Starter." Lastly, she pointed at the frog-chameleon thing. "Last but not least, Sobble, the Water Lizard Pokémon and Galar's final Starter, the Water Type Starter." She looked at the two trainers with a serious look. "Now, trainers, choose your first ever Galar Pokémon." Michael did not wait a second and immediately went and picked up Scorbunny.
"I'm picking you!" He said, hugging her tightly. "I'm Michael and I can't wait to start my journey with you!" The Scorbunny squeled with excitement. "I think I'll name you Scorey(score-e)!" Jodi chuckled and scratched the back of her head.
"Well, then I guess I'm going second. And I'm choosing..." Her eyes darted between the remaining two starters. Her eyes landed on... "Sobble!" She went over to him. The little thing took a step back, but Jodi scooped him up in her arms. "And I'll be naming you... Cray! Do you like it?" Cray got over his shyness and smiled at her.
"But wait," Michael said, looking at the remaining starter, "what about Grookey?" Professor Magnolia smiled.
"Don't worry about him, Sonia will take care of him." Sonia looked confused at her grandma.
"Wait, what?" She said, not really sure what she meant.
"Sonia, you will accompany Michael and Jodi in their journey through Galar, and you will take Grookey with you. It will help you with my research about Dynamaxing and it will definitely do you some good to make a Pokémon team and get some friends for Yamper. You don't have to participate in the Gym Challenges if you don't want to." Sonia thought for a moment, and then nodded.
"Alright." She looked at Grookey and picked him up. "Looks like you're coming with me... Drummer. Yup, that's your name." Professor Magnolia grinned and moved her gaze back to Michael and Jodi.
"You two should be heading back. You've got a big day tomorrow, and a whole night's worth of bonding with your new Pokémon." The two of them nodded and exited the Lab, heading back to their house.


Michael was stitting on his bed, watching his Yanma and Scorey playing before going to bed. "My Arceus, what a day. I say it's time to go to sleep, guys." The two Pokémon groaned, but quickly got in bed beside him.


Jodi was struggling to get get Clefairy in bed, since she was trying to attack Cray using Metronome, her only move.
"Come on, Clef! It's time to sleep! Look, I've got Cray to tuck in too!" Clef sighed and finally gave in. She tucked Cray in too and they fell asleep....
BOOM! Jodi opened her eyes and got up from her bed, thinking that the roof would fall on her. She called back her Pokémon and ram out in the hallway. She began knocking hard on Michael's door.
"Michae! Wake up!"
"I'm right here." He said, which made Jodi jump. He was leaning on the wall, right next to the door. "I heard that sound. I bet it came from the back yard."
"Then what are we waiting for?" Jodi grabbed his wrists and dragged him down stairs and out the back door. Right beside a bush, there were two glowing objects. They slowly approached the bush. Michael kneeled beside the bush, trying to examine the objects.
"What... are these?"
  1. Tudor21G
    @RenzFlintrock , since Michael is an exaggerated version of me, and I kinda love Fire Type Starters...
    But, if Sonia wouldn't have taken Grookey, he would've felt bad and taken him (after begging Prof. Magnolia, of course).
    He will actually be infatuated with it when it will become a Thwackey.
    Nov 24, 2019
    RenzFlintrock likes this.
  2. RenzFlintrock
    Yes! I love this! I thought Jodi would choose Sobble. I guessed that Michael would get Grookey, but... 1 for two isn’t exactly bad, eh? I also really liked the last bit as well! I look forwards to seeing more!
    Nov 23, 2019
    Tudor21G likes this.