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Geography Newspaper Article Assignment (Pokemon Style)

by TheStargazer

TheStargazer This is my Newspaper Article I had to do for Geography. It's actually about the Borneo Rainforest but I have modified so that it is Pokemon and the Article is now about the Viridian Rainforest. Hope you enjoy :p
The Viridian Rainforest was once a huge rainforest that covered almost all of the Kanto Region. To put in scale on how big the Viridian Rainforest it used to be, the Island Borneo is bigger than Sinnoh and Johto Combined. That's a pretty big area! The Viridian Rainforest is also the oldest rainforest in the world, estimated to be approximately 130 million years old and is home to many diverse Pokemon such as Phanphy and Mankey. Here is what botanist E.D. Marill had to say about the Viridian Rainforest back in 1921:

“Kanto is situated on a submarine plateau of no great depth, and in past geologic times undoubtedly formed a continuous land mass with these three areas and probably with other islands of Kanto, It is one of the larger islands of the World, the equator crossing it at about the middle.”
The Viridian Rainforest has a unique Ecosystem which Unfortunately, is dying and now covering 80% less land than it originally had. Unique species are becoming endangered and even extinct due to habitat loss and human impact and lot’s of tree’s are getting cut down due to logging. Demand for Palm Oil, Mining for evolution stones and Climate Change are also major issues to the Viridian Rainforests survival. If we don’t do something, the Viridian Rainforest is going to die along with every plant and Pokemon which is Endemic to the area. There are non-Government teams trying to help like the PWF and There are even petitions saying to stop destroying the Viridian Rainforest. This all helps reach the intended goal of saving the Viridian Rainforest but it isn’t enough to save the Rainforest.
However, Not everyone agrees on saving the Viridian Rainforest. Loggers need the money from the timber to buy food for their family, farmers want more land to grow crops and Lot’s more Palm Oil is needed in the world which is causing Deforestation. Loved Pokemon like the Orangurus are going extinct. Orangurus are important to Rainforests because they maintain the health in the Ecosystems which is why they are called the ‘Gardeners of the Forests.’ Another Pokemon that is going extinct is the Phanphy. Phanphys are tiny Elephants which are very smart and very cute. If we continue in not saving the Borneo Rainforest, These two Pokemon along with much more Pokemon will, unfortunately, go extinct. Should we not all work together to save these species along with much more?
There’s plenty of ways you can save the Rainforest. You can donate Money to PWF or another cause that will save the Rainforest, but if we all work together, I strongly believe the Viridian Rainforest can be saved and eventually grow back to how it was before. The Viridian Rainforest is a Biodiverse land, I hope it won’t die, don’t you?
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