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Gen 7: What went wrong (Part 1)

by annesaur

annesaur A brief page discussing how they f*cked up with S/M/US/UM
Cutscenes... cutscenes... CUTSCENES!!
. Island is hard to navigate at first
. Why is my rival so... ugh, sijghbseliurgseiurb
. Why are we forced to fully explore the trainer school, bish, gimme story & Pokemon & good battles (not these stupid ones).
. Even at the second town... there's cutscenes and tutorials.
. Wait, what? Y-you mean, no, Llima's a BOY?!
. I've been all around Melemele island and everything looks the same...

General sins that can't go unpunished
Team 'rainbow' rocket... is this a joke. Are they gonna be homophobic or something?
. The national dex.... where the fuck is it.
. Island Challenges, why. Sure the format needed to be changed somewhat - but this? No.
. The lag in battles, did you guys even test the game? Even on new 3DS' it lags to hell and back.
. 'Grand trials', this sounds like a 12 year old's OC (in this case i'm using OC as original concept, not character) for a game or something- oh wait, I was right.
. Po town... the walls, THIS ISN'T ATTACK ON TITAN. (at this point i'm laughing)
. The festival plaza. Die.
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