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Gen 7 Storyline Idea Chapter 1

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn @Lizzie101 and I have been brainstorming alot about the storyline of Generation 7, and here I will create a series from the view of the player character. This is just an idea, Nintendo might come up with something completely different, and as for the Pokemon those are just some I came up with so that I didn't have to use Pokemon from generations 1-6. If you want an idea of the game's name I was thinking something like Pokemon Past and Pokemon Future. Also, the region is based off London. We are playing from the view of the female character, the male character is the person she meets soon.
Today was a brand new day! I'm Abigail, my mother was downstairs cooking me some breakfast. I walked downstairs, and looked at the picture of Tick Tock Clock. The clock is located in Lyrican City. The strange thing about Lyrican City is that when my father went to challenge the gym there, he never returned. I gulped up my breakfast and put on my clothes. I walked outside to see my neighbor Chris running around. "Hey Abigail, the proffesor says she wants to see us!" Chris shouted to me, his blonde hair flapped into his face and I laughed. I put on my running shoes and we walked to the lab just outside of Magenta Town. Professor Bloom greeated us with warmth, and said, "Hello Abigail, hello Chris, I have a very special surprise for both of you." and she lead us inside the lab. "So, would you like to meet three of the Pokemon here?" she asked us. We both nodded eagerly, the last time I had seen a Pokemon was when my father went to challenge the Lyrican City gym. She threw some Pokeballs and three little cute Pokemon came out. The first one was Ramonian the red panda Pokemon, second there was Lizodo the lizard pokemon, and last was Poneee the unicorn pokemon. "So, you guys, you're gonna be Pokemon trainers!" Proffesor Bloom yelped, and she asked us to pick a Pokemon, I chose Ponee and Chris chose Ramonian. I was gonna be a trainer!
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  1. Lizzie101
    Cool! We could also discuss ideas in a conversation room too!
    Feb 10, 2016