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Rubies: Gems shouldn't be chastised for their mere existance

by Ji Yuang

Super edgy Doc ruby vent art.png
Ji Yuang I'm sorry I'm spamming steven universe

SU stuffe? Stop trying to kill my baby, Eyeball....
It's a little edgy and a little brutal, but i've seen worse
Somebody help her save her

Don’t you even try to say i’m not edgy..
Yes…About those bruise like thingies…It’s you know…when Eyeball hit her forearm with flat side of her chisel knife…And the bigger one…You know what?First and only rule of suspenders: Don’t pull too far, if you release, it hurts

I think it tells it all…

TFW you listen to ultra super edgy music, making your life even edgy-er

"It's a huge expanding crack...I need to fix it...As fast as possible...Uh oh"
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