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Steven Universe Screen Redraws: Gem Harvest

by ScribbleSplash

Gem Harvest.png
ScribbleSplash (I kinda gave up on the backround, sorry :( )
I really liked this episode, it was so cute! But Steven Demayo isnt as cool as the name Steven Demayo! ♥
  1. ScribbleSplash
    @_Black_Cat I have seen every episode multiple times. I love the show to!
    Mar 16, 2017
    __Black_Cat__ and DiamondPikachu like this.
  2. __Black_Cat__
    Ah!! Your art style is so cute! Also, are you caught up on all the SU episodes? I'm in love with the show ♥
    Mar 15, 2017
  3. Tamazarokon
    *Claps intensly* My hands hurt
    Mar 15, 2017