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by JetPunx-R

JetPunx-R dA Description: Alright, this took me 3 hours to finish, but i'm glad how it turned out(except the leftover erase marks). First art of 2016 and a good start. The "cropped" out bottom wasn't cut off, I just ran out of space for her head but it's not MUCH of a problem to look at. But yeah, glad and love how it turned out and hope I continue to improve in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed it, feel free to comment about it on something I need to improve or just a compliment because i'd be glad to respond to your comments. Hope you liked it!
  1. JetPunx-R
    God damn, thank you guys for liking my art! Never expected it to be in the top Creative Art page. This means a lot!
    Jan 7, 2016