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Gardevoir and Whimsicott

by JacyA

colour style experiment.jpg
JacyA That's my shiny Gardevoir with @StarletHeaven 's Whimsicott xD

Colour/new style practice yeehaw :D
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    I love the way you used the metallic grey for Gardevoir, and the way you represent Whimsicott's cuteness! The way you potrayed the mother and child figure of the two is beautiful. 50 out of 10! :)
    Oct 5, 2014
  2. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Gardevoir is officially the new PokeNanny!
    Sep 8, 2014
  3. lilonegia
    Petty much love the drawing lol
    Aug 27, 2014
  4. lilonegia
    Ur really good at drawing! I love how it looks so detailed! Love the way the shiny gardevoir is looking at whimsicott!!!
    Aug 27, 2014
  5. JacyA
    Aug 6, 2014
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  6. StarletHeaven
    It's Whimsicott being a cutie ♥ !
    Aug 6, 2014
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  7. raymangirl6
    cute is that gardevoir tickling the whimsicott or just moving its arm up and down?
    Aug 2, 2014
  8. CloudLine64
    Jul 30, 2014
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  9. StarletHeaven
    Mommy Gardevoir! Lovely! ♥
    Jul 30, 2014