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Generation Fusions: Gallinja (Requested by HydreigonBorn37)

by BonslyJuice

BonslyJuice A big thank you goes out to Hydreigonborn37 for requesting this one; they fit together just as well as Bisharp and Scizor! :8B:
Don't forget to comment nay fusions you want. Remember; up to three, and each one has to be from a different generation.
  1. BonslyJuice
    I'm glad you like it! ^^
    Jan 2, 2017
  2. HydreigonBorn37
    Now, I'm wondering what it would look like Mega Evolved!
    Jan 2, 2017
  3. HydreigonBorn37
    I'm guessing it's moves would be:
    Water Shuriken
    Focus Blast
    Psycho Cut
    Jan 2, 2017
  4. HydreigonBorn37
    I think it looks awesome!
    Jan 2, 2017