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Galarian Forms: Galarian Crustle

by Mr.Munchlax

Galarian Crustle.jpg
Mr.Munchlax Galarian Crustle's shell has to be the second-most complicated piece I've worked on recently, but I still think it turned out pretty well.

Crustle- Galarian Form
The Stone Home Pokemon
Type- Bug/Steel
Ability- Flame Body/Steelworker

"Galarian Crustle are more tough and serious than their regional counterparts, but they're also skilled craftsmen and specialize at handling metal. Having to handle more dangerous predators, their shells are made out of scrap parts that have been reassembled into portable furnaces. They use these shells as added defense since it allows them to launch scorching hot flames on their opponents.

Crustle are used by repairmen and in factories all throughout the Galar region. They've been used to build or replace machines for centuries. During the gym challenge, Galarian Crustle is used by a number of teams due to ittyping and strong defenses. However, trainers often get into heated debates on whether Crustle or its other form is more suitable for battles."
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  1. FoxyLoxX
    I WANT TO SHINY HUNT THIS SO BAD GOOD JOB p.s i think if swap the dark red with dark blue then the black with white see what i did there thats a shiny and a pun
    Sep 6, 2019
  2. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    Now that is what I would call a Galarian form Pokemon! I tip my hat to you old chap.
    Aug 26, 2019
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  3. JayBird Joe
    JayBird Joe
    Aug 26, 2019
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  4. Hollow Omega
    Hollow Omega
    Oh wow this is a really cool idea for Galarian form! I also really like Crustle so that's a bonus :up:
    Aug 25, 2019
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