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Galar Trainer Cards - Blank

by 016_The_Electric_Dream

Blank-Galar-Card-0-Ice.jpg Blank-Galar-Card-1-Mint.jpg Blank-Galar-Card-2-Claret.jpg Blank-Galar-Card-3-Gold.jpg Blank-Galar-Card-4-Pear.jpg Blank-Galar-Card-5-Plum.jpg
016_The_Electric_Dream These are blank Trainer Card templates based on what I imagine in Sword and Shield. The colors are: Ice, Mint, Claret, Gold, Pear and Plum.

The funny thing is, I designed the Ice card first, and just swapped around the RGB values to get the other five. However, these are actually very good colors.

Most of the Trainer Cards just say "Trainer Card," but I used the longer "Pokémon Trainer Identification Card" to make it look cooler.