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Gaiien Region: Gaiien Map for "So Comes Ice After Fire"

by Keleri

Keleri Just a zoomed-in version of the previous map, but with various place names from where Gods and Demons I and So Comes Ice After Fire labeled, as well as some others to populate the map a bit. Here's the description from the original even-more-cropped map I posted a while ago:

Map of the Gaiien Region

Gaiien was incorporated as an autonomous region in 96 CR and its league was established in 107 CR. It lies west of Hoenn and its main exports are raw materials, including metal ores, rare earth metals, precious metals, wood, cereal crops, fruit/vegetables, and fish.

Gym Leaders and their specialties:

1. Luciana “Tierra” Rodriguez – Ground – Dust Badge – Umber Village
2. Alex “Hawthorn” Wong – Grass – Seed Badge – Verdure Town
3. Bryony “Belladonna” Jourdain – Poison – Venom Badge – Porphyry City
4. Brent “Pyre” Carter – Fire – Pyre Badge – Russet Town
5. Galen “Lord Ironhelm” Richter – Steel – Gear Badge – Port Brac
6. Mikoto “Tsukuyomi” Arata – Ghost – Oblivion Badge – Sere Island
7. Genevieve “Nocturna” Park – Dark – Starlight Badge – Sunset Mountain
8. Matti “Polaris” Virtanen – Ice – Frost Badge – Sastruga Fjord

Gaiien’s league is famously “wild”, spread over a large area with only the main roads and parks patrolled by rangers. Trainers intending to earn badges are required to have an adult trainer license (18 years old or 8 outregion badges) in contrast to more populous regions where only a junior trainer license is required (10 years old). As a result, some junior trainers travel to other regions to begin earning badges, while others train with their pokemon in towns until they turn 18. Backcountry hiking is not recommended without a team of strong (lv. 40+) pokemon.

Due to the young age of the Gaiien League, wild pokemon are often unused to human presence and will attack aggressively to defend territory rather than to test a potential partner, complicating pokemon capture. Several pokeball manufacturers offer rebates on the pokeballs of released pokemon, although disappointments can generally be avoided by not pursuing fleeing wild pokemon.

There is a community college in Port Littoral and Pokemon Professor offices in Port Littoral, Porphyry City, and Port Brac. Many students travel to other regions for post-secondary education and there are several government stipends to assist.

Relations between second- and third-crossing settlers are cordial. There is a strong second-crossing clan presence in the northern areas.


The "crossings" refer to dimensional crossings from a version of our world called Terra, to the pokemon-inhabited world called Gaia. Due to timey-wimey problems, the Second and Third Crossings left from Terra within six months of each other-- and arrived about a thousand years apart. This explains some of the inconsistencies in the pokemon games: humans have lived with pokemon for centuries but seemingly only started studying them scientifically within the last few decades, and have futuristic technology to boot. In my fanfic universe, these are therefore two different groups of people who don't always see eye-to-eye.

Funnily I came up with this idea shortly before XY came out, and the ensuing games have only made my fanon more and more plausible. ;P Parallel universes, dimensional hopping, and extradimensional entities (ultra beasts) are all canon now, beating me to the punch. Hoo hoo hoo
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Oh? Is that a title for a midquel/spinoff I see you dropping? Sneaky sneaky Kel. >:3
    Jan 21, 2019
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  2. Curtkid
    I'm gonna be honest with you, that map looks dope as hell.
    Jan 21, 2019
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  3. kyuukestu
    If this is becoming an RP then you've got me sold on the concept already xD

    These are very nicely done, the detail is astounding and it sounds like a very enjoyable region.
    Jan 20, 2019
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