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Gaiien Region: Gaiien DPPt-Style Map with Biomes

by Keleri

gaiienmap_biomes with routes.png
Keleri Same as previous upload but with the topo map shaded by biome.

North Gaiien - Tundra and boreal forest
Central Gaiien - Temperate forest
Southeast Gaiien - Drier savanna-type areas and warm forest
South Gaiien - Hot savanna and badland/desert areas, more mild on the coast
Southwest Gaiien and islands - Warm, humid climate with swamp and forest
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  1. Keleri
    Jul 7, 2019
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  2. PokeStorm
    Wow this is impressive. I don't really have much to say about it, bit nice job!

    If this is going to be a written work series, could you tag me each episode?
    Jul 6, 2019
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