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by rainer

rainer more lauhgh stuff
so GROUDON was just sleeping when all of da sudden he heard a ringing, was it just another magma leak in the roof? no he just fixed it what was it so he awoke to get out of his magma cavern to find out it was the RED ORB!!!! and there stood the evil leader maxie holding the orb proudly above his head then maxie shouted "COME OBEY MY ORDER GROUDON' groudon thought for a second and then roared "ill obey myself thank you very much" then groudon went back into his magma cavern too rest, little did he know the most fierce leader of team magma maxie the 47th would come in a thousand years and he would awake again AND THEN CREATE ONE OF THE MOST WORLD ENDING BATTLES OF ALL TIME!!!! ................but groudon didn't think so.....
  1. rainer
    idk just stuff i think ppl think as funny
    Jan 17, 2017
  2. WolfyPop
    ... What's the concept of this?
    Jan 15, 2017