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Full Forms: Full Forms: Ch. 9

by obey_jaidon

"I couldn't sleep. At first, when I went to bed and pulled the covers up, I moved left and right. I couldn't seem to relax, because my blood was running faster than usual. My energy grew stronger and stronger, and I had to get up. Suddenly, I felt like I was growing bigger, and next thing I knew, I was a wolf. Not a normal one, a werewolf." I said.

"I knew it! I knew you would be a werewolf!" Blaze shouted in happiness.
Everyone was staring at him on the table. It was morning, and we were all eating breakfast, but William was still not to be seen.
"Me too! Last night, I was a big ghost thingie, and it scared me!" Lily complained.
"Figures. When my brother and I first got our powers, that night, he had turned into a dragon unexpectedly, and I had turned into a phoenix. Later, we were able to control it." Ruby explained.

Then William appeared, with a little boy. "William, good morning! Who's this little cutie-petutie?" Lily asked.
"Good morning! This is Steven, my little brother." William said.
"May I talk to you in private, William?" I asked, hoping to speak about the whole vampire and skeleton thing.
"Sure." he responded.

He went to a living room, with me following.
"What's wrong?" he started.
"Well, you know that the other's are the same as both of us, right?"
"You mean, they're monsters as well?"
"Yes. I was hoping you could tell them about you and your brother."
"Yea, then they could tell me what they are."
"You and your brother look like regular humans,unlike the rest of us. Why is that?"
"My brother, can turn into a skeleton randomly. When he's mad, he turns into another animal's skeleton, but the animal always turns out to be fierce. Like a tiger or something. Usually, he looks like a normal little boy. Me, I don't know."
I nodded, "Let's go tell 'em."

We walked back to the dining room, and Blaze was playing with his pancakes, Ruby was reading trying to ignore Blaze and Lily, because she was demanding Blaze to stop, while repeatedly saying, "That isn't proper, stop it!", and Steven playing with his little toy violently.

"If we do travel together, we would got to get used to this." William chuckled.
"Guys, follow me!" I yelled, because I knew if I said it nicely, they wouldn't have listened.
"And what do you want?" Blaze questioned.
"How about you stop being so rude and just listen?" Lily said, struggling to pick up Steven without him hitting her with the toy.
''How about you stop being so rude and just listen." Blaze repeated, in an annoyed way, getting out of his chair.

Lily rolled her eyes, and finally was able to pick up Steven. Ruby put her book down, and got up without a word. That was weird. She was the one who had a short temper. They followed me into a guest room, and we closed the doors so the butlers and maids won't hear. William sat down next to me on he bed, and everyone else sat down on a couch.

"William and his brother are just like us. They are monsters as well." I started.
"Really? Then why don't they look like a monster then?" Blaze questioned.
Lily gave him a look.
"Jessie is right. Look. Blaze take away Steven's toy." William said.
"Pffft, this is like taking a candy from a little kid! Except it's a toy. Easy." Blaze bragged.
Blaze yanked the toy from Steven's hand, and he began to cry.
''Told ya, ea-?!"
Steven began to cry louder and louder, and turned into a dinosaur skeleton.
Blaze's expression was priceless, and quickly gave the toy back.
"Here, here you go! Calm down!" Blaze yelled worriedly.
Lily was having the time of her life, laughing, and Ruby was starting to giggle.
"Guess you aren't so brave as you say you are, Blaze?" Ruby said.

Steven quickly turned into a baby skeleton, playing with his toy, all happy again.
"What about you, rich boy?" Blaze questioned to William. "What monster are you?"
William turned into the gargoyle, all fierce and strong.
"A vampire." I said.
He quickly turned back.
"Dang. Now that was cool." Blaze said in amazement. "I'm a dragon."
"I'm a pheonix." Ruby said "I'm a ghost." Lily stated. ~
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