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Full Forms: Full Forms: Ch. 7 "The Shadow"

by obey_jaidon

The mansion was huge, as big as two schools put together, including the back and front yard. There was a huge gate in the front, with security guards around the entrance. They let William in when he got in the front. "Here we are." William said, opening the main door. "Wow." Blaze said in amaze. He led us to two guest rooms, that had two parts each inside of them. "Here you can stay. I will have a maid to feed you. Enjoy your stay, see you tomorrow. " William started down the hallway towards the library. "Well, Blaze and I will stay in this bedroom, and Lilly and Jessie will stay in that one. How about that?" Ruby said. Everyone nodded, and headed towards the room. Lilly and I went to our room, and there were two doors on each side, for their own bedroom. There was a little living room in between of both bedrooms. " I'm calling this one." Lilly said, pointing to the left room. "G'night." I said, going towards mine. The room had a huge wooden dresser, painted white. The bed had it's own cloth roof, with big pillows, and a nightstand with a candle, that can light up the whole room. I placed my satchel on a table, and jumped onto the bed. "Wow." I said, tiredly. I closed my eyes, and try to go to sleep, but a noise from the balcony kept on interrupting me. In got up, and went to the glass door that separated the room from the outside. Opening it, I could see all of Leeds glistening in the night sky. It was a magnificent view, with cars, horses, and people creating sound in this beautiful night. "So that's what was annoying me." I said. When I looked back to go inside the room, I saw a ladder leading up to the roof. I was curious, and climbed it. On the top, there were two seats, and a table. You could see the chimney coming out on the roof. Thick gray smoke came on the tip. I shrugged, and went down the ladder, but right before I did, I saw a black shadow behind the chimney. And that's what scared me this night. It came closer and closer towards me, but I had no instinct to run. When it came close to the point were I could see it, it was William, but he looked different.~
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