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Full Forms: Full Forms: Ch. 6 "The market"

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Now the group can't get caught, trying to make their way to the Ol' Hag.
With Lily and I in the orphanage, I was trying to collect what's going on. First, only someone else and I are alone in a dang orphanage, then, I became an animal (literally), then two twins come down here, and now we're on a wild goose chase. "What are you waiting for? There're waiting for us outside. Get your stuff." Lily said, gathering her school bag. "Wait a second, we're literally gonna do this?" I responded. Lily gave me a "are you serious look". "Fine.", and I went to gather my stuff. I didn't try to get that much stuff, well, let's be real. I don't have that much stuff. I got an old leather satchel, and put crackers, a jar of water, and a match, just in case it's dark, out there. I also grabbed coat, to cover the wolf part of my body. When I left the room, I quickly went to the Ol' Hag's chamber to grab papers, that had names and info. of children that had been adopted written on there. "Jessie, let's go!", Lily's voice echoed throughout the halls. "Coming!", And I headed out the door. It was a beautiful evening, with pink and orange colours scattered across the skies. The market had it's busiest timing, with women mostly in line of the stands, children playing, and men drinking and shooting targets. I never got to go outside during this time, but I could see the outside through my window. It was nice and breezy, and the waters sparkling. Blaze, Ruby, & Lily, were waiting in the market. "Kept 'em waiting, huh?", and I leaped down the stairs, towards them. "So, what's the game plan?", Blaze questioned. Ruby pulled out a wrinkled map from her satchel. "We're here, Leeds, England. They're in London, south from here. We could take a train to Manchester or...." "While you guys are doing that, I'm going to the market and gonna get some food so...", I told them, while heading to the market. I didn't know where the food stands were, so I went to asked someone. So, I walked towards a boy, that looked like my age, and seemed that he knows his way around here. "Excuse me.", I said. The boy turned around, and was surprisingly cute. He had black hair, blue eyes, and a vest over a buttoned shirt. There I was, gazing at his looks, like a complete weirdo, turning red. "Um, may I help you?" ,he asked, creeped out of me staring at him. "Oh, uh, sorry.", I said with a quick grin, "Do you know where the food stands are? I'm kinda in a rush, and not really familiar with the area." "Are you sure? I see you in school sometimes, and go into that orphanage on my way home." To my surprise, the moment he said that he sees me in school, I knew that was William Derek, a rich boy at my school that girls go crazy for. "Wait, are you-" "William Derek, I apologize for interrupting." ,he chuckled. "Yea, yea. I'm Jessie. Oh, Jessie Coalheart." "Well, the food part of the market it just towards that way." ,he pointed just down the busy road. "Thank you." ,I said. After I got a handful of food, I went back to where William was. He wanted to talk a bit more, and I forgot the part that I needed to hurry up. We talked, laughed, and joked around until dark. The guys came up to me, and Ruby interrupted: "Where have you been?! We were waiting for over an hour for you. Let's go so we can find a quick motel or stay." "Well, 'bout that, uh, haha, um, we don't have money, sis.",Blaze said. Ruby's eyes widened. You could tell she was about to have a fit, but William interrupted to avoid it. "My home has guest rooms, and I know it seems sudden, but you can stay at our house for the night. We have rooms for each of you." "Thank you for the offer, but-", Lily started. "Oh, I insist." ,William said. "That's very generous of you. Are your parents ok with that?" I questioned. "Oh yea, my friends spend the night all the time. There're totally fine with it. C'mon, let's go.", and William lead us to his mansion, "Derek Residence". ~
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