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Full Forms: Full Forms Ch. 5 "

by obey_jaidon

I felt a cold liquid go down my throat. And the moment I realized it, I sprung up from the deep knock out I been in. I was sweating nonstop, with Lilly, Ruby, and Blaze in front of me. Ruby was holding a wooden cup of water, which was probably used to wake me. "What happened?!" I yelled to them. "Hmph. Second time you knocked out, that's for sure." Lilly responded, in some attitude. Ruby rolled her eyes. "You were gazing at the feather, and you were also sweating. Blaze got a cup of water, and we tried to spread it on your face to see if you would wake up." Ruby responded, concerned. "That feather.....it must've done somethin' to ya." Blaze said. "No duh? Of course the feather done something to her. It's dangerous." Lilly said, eyeing Blaze "Well, no." Ruby started. "It's not. We were looking at it too, and nothin' happened. It only effected you. And to avoid this thing again, we shouldn't take it out." I got up just fine, but I was a bit dizzy. "This is just great. I'm a stinken' werewolf, Lilly is somewhat of a ghost, I just met a Dragon and Pheonix, and the ol' hag left this stupid orphanage without two kids." I kicked a mop forcefully, walking around in circles, mad. "Look. What we've got to do is try to find old lady, and ask her to change us back. Then Jon- I mean Blaze and I can go back to our home, and you can be with the lady." Ruby announced. "How ya think we can do that? First of all, we don't even know which orphanage in London she's going to, second, we are technically "Monsters", which means we can't walk around Leeds looking like this, and third, what if she doesn't change us back? What if all of this is a setup and she's not intending to fix this? "Blaze question worriedly. There was a silence. "Then we better get a move on." Ruby answered. "Get your stuff, and meet me and Blaze outside in the market. Lilly, put some jacket or whatever to cover your smoke. And Jessie, put a beret on to cover your ears, and a sweater to put your claws in. Let's go Blaze." And her and Blaze started out the door, with Lilly and I in the orphanage. ~
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