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Full Forms: Full Forms Ch 4. "The package"

by obey_jaidon

The sound echoed down the broken walls. Who would be knocking on the door? "Are you just gonna stand there waiting for the door to open itself or..." Blaze said, like if he was a prince. " How about you open the door, your royal highness?", Lilly said with a nasty attitude. "Fine, at least I'm not afraid to do it." he said independently. "Than do it, what are you waiting for?", I said impatiently. He nodded in response, and walked down the crippled stairs. We were staring at him while he was walking towards the door. He stopped when he touched the door knob, and waited a few seconds until he opened it. The moment he opened it, nothing was there. "It's probably a couple of stupid kids playing around." Ruby stated. He closed the door and said, "Told ya there's nothing th-" and there was the knock again. He turned around, and opened it again. It was a little box, with black tape closing it in. "A package." Blaze said, if it wasn't obvious already. "No duh?" Lilly interrupted. "Let me take a look at it," I said. Blaze handed it to me, and I sat on the old wood floor. The others did the same. I was hesitant to open it, for some unknown reason. I ripped the tape with my new claws or whatever it was, and it ripped easily. These new nails were sharp, which was freaking me out even more about these "Changes". I opened the damp cardboard flaps that were closing the box. There was a letter, a bottle of a red liquid, that looked similar to the one earlier, and a little clothe bag with a tag that spelled the words, "Ingredient". The first thing I got was the letter. It was written with black ink, and stained with the red liquid. I read out the words that were written on there. "Here's the thing you wanted. I'm afraid this is all I can offer, so make good use of it. Remember that this cannot be exposed on mortals, so don't think about the ingredients on that list I gave you before. You can still use those, but the only use for that is ending the monsters. Reply when time is appropriate. ~Methera

"This doesn't make sense, either this was delivered to the wrong address, or, this was for the Old Hag. Plus, why would she want this?" I said, confused. "Umm, I think that this was supposed to come here, 'cause it says the address of the orphanage." Blaze corrected me. So then I opened the clothe bag. It was a feather, that looked like a hawk feather. It was brown and white, with a bit of gray at the tip. Starring at the feather made me a bit dizzy, and felt I felt lightheaded. Ruby saw me turning pale white from looking at the feather, grabbed it out of my hand and put it back in the bag. Everything was blurry, including by hearing, and everything then turned black.~
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