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From Our Eyes: From Our Eyes - Misty Part 1

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp The second chapter in my story From Our Eyes, a collection of Gym Battles from the perspective of the leaders, thank you @AspenTR33 for submitting the challenger.

Note that now I will be writing three smaller chapters for each Gym Leader, so I can begin writing as soon as a character is submitted. Like last time, you can submit your own character.

Pokemon (Can use up to two for misty):
Anything particular you want your character to do:
I wait for my first challenger to come through the doors of my gym, it is around the time of the year when trainers would come to challenge me the most. I hear running outside of the gym, and see a trainer burst through the double doors. A girl runs straight into the gym.
“Watch out for the-“ I begin to shout as I hear a massive splash “pool…”
She climbs out of the pool, grabs a Pokeball and stares me in the eye.
“Gym Leader Misty!” She shouts “I challenge you to a battle!”
I look at her, her hair and clothes are dripping wet from falling into the pool, and I can tell that she is tired and a bit too excited. Technically I cannot deny any trainers a battle though, so I begin fighting.

“This battle will be two Versus Two, my Staryu and Starmie against two of your Pokemon.” I say “Let’s begin, Staryu Go!”
The girl smiled, “Cyndaquill, come on out!” She shouts as she throws a Pokeball.
“I’m surprised” I say, genuinely shocked “Cyndaquill are normally only found in Johto”
“I know” The Girl says “I came from Johto, NOW CYNDAQUILL USE FLAME CHARGE!”
Flames begin to circle Cyndaquill, as it runs towards Staryu, as if Cyndaquill has lit on fire. Cyndaquill hits Staryu and they both fall into the ice-cold water. I watch, and for a couple of seconds nothing happens. The pool is still and quiet, then a few bubbles surface. The girl and I watch intently to see what happens next, then all hell breaks loose. The surface of the water suddenly bursts, a massive fountain of water flying into the air. It splashes me and the girl, before the water settled and we are able to see what has happened. Floating in the water, is a fainted Staryu and Cyndaquill.
“you did well” I hear the girl whisper as she returns Cyndaquill. Now we are each down to one Pokemon

“I’m counting on you” I whisper

“I know you can do this” She says

“Prepare yourself!” I shout

“I will not hold back!” She shouts



“Come on out!”

Our Pokeballs burst open at the same time, revealing a Starmie and Jolteon.
“Bubblebeam” I shout
“Thunderbolt!” She shouts
The Thunderbolt easily pierces the Bubblebeam but Starmie manages to dodge and disappear under the water. The Jolteon gets closer to the water, only for Starmie to burst out and knock it back with tackle, before bombarding it with Swift. I continue this strategy for a while, and it seems to work, before the girl smiles.
“Jolteon, dip your tail into the pool” She says
“What?” I wonder “Is she planning?”
“Oh no!” I shout “Starmie get out of the water!”
But it was too late
“Thunderbolt” The girl shouts “Ha!”

The entire pool is electrocuted, and a fainted Starmie floats out from under the water. “Good job” I say to her smiling as I give her the Cascade badge “You earned this”
She smiles as she runs towards the door.
“I never got your name” I say “What is it?”
“My name?” She says as she opens the door “My name's Aspen”
And before I can say any more, she has exited this gym, running off to her next adventure
  1. Staroid
    Name: Solar Blitz
    Personality: Shy, doesn't talk much.
    Pokemon (Can use up to two for misty): Tyrunt and Larvitar
    Anything particular you want your character to do : Not really.
    Jun 3, 2017
  2. Fraseandchico
    Got a character, basically Soras from the bloka region, but on his first journey, and a lot dumber
    personality:Just him in Bloka, but dumber.
    pokemon: Dunsparce and bulbasaur
    goal:same as in Bloka.
    Dec 7, 2016
  3. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    @MegaCharizardZ just realised that I was going to write two more misty chapters first so I'm not going to use the houndour :'|
    Oct 29, 2016
  4. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    @MegaCharizardZ alright I'll use that character

    @AspenTR33 that's a great idea! You could definitely do that. Same goes for MegaCharizardZ
    Oct 29, 2016
    AspenTR33 likes this.
  5. Tatzu
    And i could do one for Hoenn
    Oct 29, 2016
  6. Cloudswift
    Oct 29, 2016
  7. Tatzu
    Pretty good, I like it its a great way to see the stories through the Gym leaders! (You should do this for Johto and Hoenn)
    Name: David
    Personality: Happy most of the time and never gives up, He cares for his pokemon very much would never let one cry
    Pokemon (Can use up to three for Surge): Dartrix (If he is not allowed then its Grovyle), Eevee and Houndour
    Anything particular you want your character to do: I dunno say that he wants to beat his Siblings #CONNECTIONS oh and also be amazed at all of Surges pokemon
    Oct 29, 2016
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