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From Our Eyes: From Our Eyes - Brock

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp This is a series about the Kanto Gym Battles from the point of view of the Gym Leaders

You can add your own trainer's for the next challenges, just PM me this or put it in the comments. I will be adding a maximum of three trainers for each Gym

Pokemon: (You can do up to two for Misty)
Pokemon's Moves:
Any Particular Strategies you want to see used: (E.G. Sleep Power/Sand Attack strategies show in the Brock Battles)

Sorry if you are not used to the First Person, Present Tense. It made the most sense in the context of the story
I watch as the trainer enters the room and shouts towards me, “Brock! I challenge you to a battle!” It has been like this for years, the old professor Oak entrusts three new trainers with Pokemon, and I get three new challengers to my Gym. “I accept your challenge.” I say wearily, I can’t say no, it is my job to always accept a challenge. I choose two Pokeballs, my trusty Onix and Geodude. I could take out Golem and absolutely destroy the trainer’s team, but I have to give each and every trainer a chance, so that they can grow stronger. I watch as the trainer sends out a Charmander. “Are you sure?” I ask “That may not be the best idea against rock types.”
“Charmander is so powerful!” the boy shouted “I got through all of Viridian Forest with it!”
“Viridian Forest?” I ask “The one with all of the Bug Types…”
“Of course” the boy said “What else?”
I sigh, but do not explain to him the values of knowing type advantages. I save that for after the battle. “Alright then, let the battle begin.” A referee steps out onto the field.
“This will be a two versus two battle, once both of one trainer’s Pokemon are unable to battle, the battle will be over”
I send out my Geodude and the battle begins. The boy does the first move.
“Charmander use Ember!”
I watch as the flames harmlessly bounce off of Geodude.
“Now” I say “Tackle”
Geodude charges at Charmander, hitting it and knocking it down.
“No!” shouted the boy “Charmander return!”
“This time I am sure that I can win!” he says “GO PIKACHU”
I sigh “Are you sure about that choice?” I ask “this is your last chance to reconsider
“You are just trying to trick me!” I hear him shout “Use Thunderbolt!”
Of course nothing happens, as electric types do not bother a ground type like Geodude. He launches thunderbolt after thunderbolt, obviously not learning from his mistake.
“Geodude use tackle” I say. I watch as his Pikachu slams against the wall and is defeated.
“How?” the trainer asks “How did you beat them?”
I sit down next to him and explain type advantages. “Fire and Electric types are not very effective against Rock or Ground types” I tell him “But if you bring a Grass or Water type, you might win”
The boy smiles and looks me in the eye. “Thank you” he says “Next time I will beat you”
I watch as he exits and I smile, I had just helped another trainer grow on their path to become a master.

Next enters the Girl whom had chosen a Bulbasaur. This time, I was able to be beaten. Firstly, her Buterfree had put my Geodude asleep with sleep powder, and then bombarded it with confusion. Then her Bulbasaur had used Vine Whip and defeated my Onix. I was proud to bestow upon her the Boulder Badge
“You earned it” I had said “You beat me fair and square”
She smiles as she accepts it “I know that if you wanted, you could have beaten me at any time” she said. I blush as I acknowledge the compliment, and watch as she leaves.

The third challenger burst into the room, gasping for breath.
“The… beat... me... here... didn't… they?” he wheezed “Always… late… for… everything”
“If it makes you feel better” I say in a kind voice “The one with the Charmander lost against me”
The boy had recovered a bit by the time I finished speaking
“That's good to know” he says “I may not be the last to get the boulder badge”
The boy starts with a Pidgey. “Use gust!” he says “Now quick attack”
Since none of his attacks were very effective, I could keep using defence curl and raising Geodude’s defence”
I smile, there is no way for me to loose, now I just need to attack, But I was proven wrong.
“Sand attack!” he shouts. He repeats the attack again and again until I finally decide to attack. “Geodude use tackle!” I shout, but Geodude misses. Every time I attack, the sand would cause Geodude to miss. I can only watch as Pidgey’s attacks slowly whittle down on Geodude’s health until he is beaten.
“Good job” I say as I send out Onix “But it won’t work again”
“I don’t need it to” I hear him say “Four Times type advantage for Squirtle”
Darn professor, giving out two Pokemon with Four Times Type Advantages. I use bind to try to hold the Squirtle down, but it fires water gun into Onix’s face. I try to use screech to distract him, and use bind to take him out, but he never gives me the opportunity. I watch as Onix tumbles down onto the ground, fainted. I call him back and turn to the boy. “Congratulations” I say “You have earned the Boulder Badge”
I hand him the badge and watch him leave.

After all the battles were over, I sit down at home enjoying a nice cup of tea with Onix and Geodude. After all, a job well done deserves a reward. That is when I get a call from one of the trainers at my gym, the trainer with the Charmander has come back to challenge me again. “No rest for the wicked I suppose” I say to my Pokemon “Let’s go!”
And so we dash through the door of my house, back to the Gym for another battle
  1. BlazinDelphox
    Nice job, Good idea
    Jul 3, 2017
  2. Cloudswift
    Could you do this trainer? She came from Johto, so she has a Cyndaquil. Let me know if you want me to change that.
    Name: Aspen
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil(Tackle, Ember, Flame Charge, and Quick Attack) and Jolteon(Tackle, Quick Attack, Thundershock, and Sand Attack)
    Personality: Fierce, loves her pokemon, doesn't really plan ahead that much
    Strategies: None really, just kinda wings it.
    Oct 23, 2016