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Frogaider and the Pokemon - Part 1

by matthewpowel

matthewpowel I'm Frogaider and my friends are Braixen and Quilladin. We're a team together. We get into a heck of a lot of trouble. Heh.
"Wake up!" I opened my eyes in the beautiful sunny light, which was beside my friend Braixen waking me up. I must have been sleeping for a while, because Braixen looks really fed up, and she used Psychic and carries me downstairs to sit my next to Quilladin. I looked at the Froakie clock on the wall. "9'o clock already?" I exclaimed as I poured in my Lava Cookie Cereal. "Give him a break, Braix," spat Quilladin relaxed. A bit too relaxed if you ask me. "Give ME a break," mumbled Braixen, with a stressed facial expression. "I've got a great day planned for us. I got us tickets into the Rumble Tournament!" I stood up in a Flash and grabbed one of those tickets. "You did this?!" I shouted happily. Braixen made it perfectly clear why she was stressed. We had get there at 10:00, and Braixen was planning to leave early. The Rumble Tournament?! If we won that battle tournament, that would be amazing! We would be more famous than we already are! The champion is Serperior, who Quilladin apparently has a crush on. Me and Braixen both told him that she's 16, and we're all 13. She's pretty much our age times 2, but he won't give up. The bus came to pick us up soon, and sure enough, the good ol' bus driver named Swampert allowed us all on the bus to take us to the tournament. "I entered that tournament back when I was a little ol' Marshtomp, believe it or not, I was good enough to make it up to champion," he bragged. "Unfortunatley, I got creamed." We all giggled under our breath. This was our dreams coming true!