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Photo Blogs: Friday, May 31 (LATE)

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm Hey everyone! I'm back with another Photo Blog! I said I would do another on Tuesday, but I had other things that I had to do, unfortunately. So here it is!

So on Monday, I gathered a total of 7 youth, one being myself, to finish the project. To remind y'all, I build a retaining wall to prevent erosion into the filtering storm water. One of my workers had a broken wrist, and surprising enough he put in the most work. you can see him in the picture (that's my cousin by the way. We drilled the holes for the posts with a two-man power auger, and filled the holes with the posts and concrete, which was being mixed in those wheelbarrows. We ended up finishing an hour earlier than planned, and it ended up looking really well done.

I just now finished my first Final, that being Photography. It was surprisingly easy, and I got a B+ (88/100). Of course my teacher literally gave us all the answers yesterday.

I'm really excited for graduation now, and going to the boy scout camp i'm gonna be working at over the summer. But then college starts, and then I'm absolutely f*cked.

Well that's all I have for now. So I guess Glennis is out!