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Fresh Blood

by NightRaven

NightRaven A fair warning: this description will contain a lot of violence, so if you're not much of a fan of it, read the last paragraph!

Here is a new character to break off some of my art hiatus. This little demon is known as A'sraan Coviil; and he just got through the portal to Ionia. Jurvaak, or the Underworld of Ionia, has been...active lately. Demons are coming through the portals that are torn open; rifts.
Demons are pouring into Ionia, spreading darkness throughout the land.
A'sraan Coviil is a new demon; he was just created, so black liquid is coming off of him. It is also a result of the portal.

He's an odd demon, if that were even possible; he has two pupils in each eye. He has massive wings and sharp claws. For some reason, it's difficult to harm him as his body is made of liquid. Some other demons are born with bodies of liquid, and a trick to destroying them is to use a spell that brings severe cold to the enemy; the cold would turn the liquid to a sort of...ice like material. Then, they smash the demon, leaving nothing behind.

A'sraan Corviil is like a liquid shadow; he follows others with a transparent body, and even becomes their shadow. They don't usually notice until it's too late, and A'sraan drags them through the portal, which is the enemy's shadow. Once dragged down, A'sraan sends his victims to a prison, leaving them there until they starve, and their bodies rot.

The prison, Kah'rav, often smells horrible from the thousands of rotting bodies. Occasionally, demons head into the prison to feed off either the decaying bodies, or the living (WOW THIS DESCRIPTION IS VIOLENT SO I'M GONNA END IT HERE).

A'sraan Corviil is pretty much a demon made of liquid that is new and dripping with a strange liquid due to being born nor long ago. He can become a shadow of his victims, drag them to Jurvaak, and send them to a...prison. He lurks within the Ashen mountains, awaiting travelers who dare come forth...

I hope you enjoy this -messy- piece of crap! XD
  1. NightRaven
    It's two wings, trust me xD
    It's just that I used black and said screw it.

    Also, are you sure about that, woman? XD
    Nov 27, 2016
  2. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Omg your wings are better than mine!
    Nov 27, 2016