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by Avalon_Nightingale

Avalon_Nightingale I made Foxeed yesterday. Elemental typings are different from the usual Pokemon types. For Foxeed, it's a combination of ground, rock, and grass, however mostly grass because of its appearance. To make it seem not too OP, I've decided its element would be just earth instead. Foxeed is a mix of 2d (with its body figure I made using digital art) and 3d (photo manipulation).
  1. Avalon_Nightingale
    I'll be posting the other elemental typings in the future. For now, here's Foxeed's moves:
    - Scratch (damage default)
    - Tail Wag (status default)

    [Having default moves means that the creature already has it ever since they've hatched]
    - Bloom (healing)
    - Spore (status)
    - Razor Leaf (damage)
    Oct 15, 2021
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  2. AlolanChampTravis
    Oct 13, 2021
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  3. Avalon_Nightingale
    Additional Information: Foxeed's evolution is Vixleaf.
    Oct 13, 2021