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Ask: Fourth and Fifth Responses

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Questions asked by: @Excalibur Queen and @AspenTR33.

Sorry for waiting so long to answer the first question! I kinda completely forgot about this... :S

All answers are from my characters, not me. Keep that in mind. I honestly love mostly all fanfiction and video games. Don't think I'm the one dissing them, please!
[​IMG]: Wuh-oh, guys! We've had some questions for a while! It's 100% my fault for forgetting to tell you all about 'em, though... I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to them! *sweat-drops*

[​IMG]: No need to worry. I didn't wanna answer them, anyway.

[​IMG]: Ditto. And before I get asked, no, that wasn't a joke.

[​IMG]: Why do you guys always have to be so negative?

[​IMG]: What a good question that is, Parsley, my boy! And speaking of questions~!

[​IMG]: I got the hint, Benji! Your first question comes from Prior the shiny Poochyena, who you might remember from the first question you've ever answered! He asks:

Okay, here is my real question: What do you guys do in your spare time?

[​IMG]: I park my butt right down on the couch and watch TV. Sometimes, I'll even use my computer and do whatever. Happy? *wishes he can use stronger language*

[​IMG]: I-I might-t-t as w-well get th-this over w-with, t-too... I-I-I l-like t-to draw... a-and write...

[​IMG]: Like fanfiction? Nasty! I gotta steer clear of that crap. I usually just... uh... cook. *cowers in fear*

[​IMG]: Oh, calm down, Abby! Cooking's not that embarrassing, and most fanfiction's really good! As for what I do in my spare time... I really like taking walks! Nature's so pretty!

[​IMG]: It is, isn't it? I really like doing puzzles, though, especially jigsaw puzzles and interlocking puzzles! And Rubik's cubes!

[​IMG]: That sounds pretty cool, actually. As for me, I'm usually on Pinterest or whatever.

[​IMG]: I wish I knew what to do during my spare time... Anyway, you all have one more question, which comes from @AspenTR33, who asks:

Do you guys play video games? If you do, what's your favorite?

[​IMG]: Did somebody say Undertale~? No? Well, man, that game. I cried during my first Genocide Run. Haven't done one since. *shivers*

[​IMG]: Forget that game, even though it does sound pretty good. I gotta say that BattleBlock Theater is one of my favorites! It's super creative and gore-y! *smirks evilly*

[​IMG]: W-Wha!? Th-That d-d-doesn't-t s-sound very f-f-fun! S-See, th-that's why I d-d-don't play v-video games-s!

[​IMG]: They're not all bad, Opel, although I only play I Am Bread, and that's only sometimes.

[​IMG]: I Am Bread? The h*ll's that? It sounds super dumb! I'll only play horror games, like Five Night's at Freddy's or Slenderman, but that's rarely! I'd like to do something with my life, thank you very much.

[​IMG]: I don't. Period. All games suc-

[​IMG]: Hey, no need to be rude, guys! Arceus, why are you even here? Maybe I'll leave you out of the next ask... or maybe I'll keep you in just to torture you! Yeah, that sounds good. *laughs*

But that's all the time we have for today. You know the routine, people!

All: Bye~!

[​IMG]: I hate my life.

[​IMG]: No, you don't. Shut up.
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