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Four Poke Balls Adventures: Four Poke Balls Adventures 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Vio, Blue, Red and Green decide to team up, and their first adventure is helping protect a farm girl's crops and sheep! And the thief is.....! Woah! Also, who is this black figure who watches them from a distance!
"Okay.....So....Ready to go?" Green asked, the four just awakening and having teamed up. "Shut up and be patient, nerd." Blue barked. "YAY! Let's go!" Red cheered. "Yep, come on." Vio said, packing some Rupees. "Let's go guys, follow the leader! ME!" Green said, leading. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'M the leader!" Blue disagreed. "Actually, I think the smartest should be the leader. AKA me." Vio argued. "OOH! Can I be the sidekick!" Red asked, giddily. "You can be MY sidekick, Red." Green said. "No, he's mine cause I'm the leader!" Blue growled. "Yeah, never mind you guys can argue. We'll be the sidekicks, right Red?" Vio finished. "YEAH! Hey guys, who's that pretty girl over there?" Red asked. "Not now Red, girls aren't importa -wait, what?" Green said, slightly annoyed, but turned around to see a beautiful Torchic with a cowboy hat. "HELLO, NURSE!" They cheered, tongues hanging and hearts in their eyes. They rushed over with a Quick Attack and surrounded her. "H-Hi! I'm Red!" Red introduced, his cheeks hinting his nickname. "I'm Green! I'm an expert adventurer and swordsman!" The green cladded Pikachu greeted. "I'm Blue, the baddest ass out there!" Blue flirted. "I'm Vio! As you can see the colour of my shirt, I'm stylish and proud of my favourite shade!" Vio greeted, blushing a little. "Hi! I'm Tori! You guys must be quadruplets!" The Torchic said. "You could say that!" Red giggled. "Yep! And I'm the oldest! I love my little bros especially Red cause he's like a little kid! I'm great with kids!" Green said. "These losers? Yeah, I WISH." Blue scowled, sarcastically. "Yes, and I'm the smartest! Like they say, Brains over Brawns!" Vio explained. "Uh Huh! Well, if it's not to much.....I need your help! Could you guys help me?" Tori asked hopefully. "Of course!" Red cheered. "Yes!' Green agreed. "Wynaut?" Blue shrugged. "We'd be delighted!" Vio grinned. "Great! Now, would you like some Tea?" Tori asked. "Sure!" They said, and walked after Tori, eyes hearts again. From far away, though, a figure looking like them except in black and with greyish black fur watches them, laughing evilly.
2 Chapters! Probably the last for awhile cause of the big move! Oh boy!
Next time:
"Who are you? A goth ripoff of a cheery ripoff of a smart ripoff of a courages ripoff?" Blue asked. "Hey!" The other shouted angered and offended.
Does anybody think a picture of the four Pikachus could be made with them on the grass? If so, you're awesome!