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Forget your Phone your About to Die!!

by Shikowara

Shikowara There was a writing contest on quotev and this was the theme: Floria man that was arrested for holding Ronald McDonald at gunpoint.
Nathan had finally gotten a job!….At McDonalds…It wasn’t what he was hoping for, but it was the closest he could get to a “good” job. Nathan would take orders at the drive threw. Most of the costumers in town were very, and I mean VERY, impatient. His boss didn’t pay him very well either, so there goes that car he wanted.
One night he was in his kitchen making pop corn while the news was on.

“There was a mysterious Floria man that was arrested for holding Ronald McDonald at gunpoint.” The women on TV said. Nathan’s eyes widened.

“Yep…I’m quitting that job…” He said walking out of the room. He got in bed and realized that he had forgotten his phone at McDonalds. “Now I have to go back? Its 9 pm! Ugh! Fine…” He said to himself. So he drove back to McDonalds and saw someone go though the drive threw windows. He followed the person and saw them take his phone! Nathan quietly hopped though the window. He heard footsteps coming his way so he hid in one of the cabinets where they keep the happy meal boxes.
It had been awhile since he had heard the footsteps so he decided to get back out and call the police. But he couldn’t open the cabinet door, he was trapped.

“Dang it…” Nathan whispered, then he heard a devilish giggle. The cabinet door opened and the last thing he was was a small girl dressed as a clown with a huge hammer in her hand. (Harley Quinn? XD) He got scared and hit his head and blacked out.
He woke up in the storage room of the McDonalds. He was tied to chair and saw the same girl who giggled the same devilish giggle as before….
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