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Forever a Nightmare: Forever a Nightmare: Darkrai TF

by KittehKatPoodums

KittehKatPoodums A Darkrai TF story that I made up.
I ran, fearing that if I slowed down that THING would catch me. I sprinted across the cold dark abyss, gasping and wheezing for air. It felt like I have been running for hours, my lungs feel tight, my arms and legs feel like they are about to collapse at any moment, losing the will to live. But I have to keep going, so I convinced my body to stay in motion Just a little longer... I hoped. But at that moment the thing emerged in front of me, it came out of the shadows, its form shifting and wavering. It had one light blue eye that has its focus on me, it had the intent to KILL me. It lurched forward extending its claws, only inches away from my face-BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP!

"GAHH!-Oof!"I jumped out of bed and face planted on the hard floor, with my arms and legs sprawled out. I sighed Another nightmare... I pulled myself off the floor, and reached for the blaring alarm clock BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP!-Click! I press the button, commanding it to turn off. Stupid alarm clock... I thought, as I made way down stairs. "Morning, Sweetie!" I look over to see my mom frying up eggs, nothing unusual. I sluggishly walk over and take a seat. "Well someone's sleepy!" my mom plops the bacon and eggs right in front of me, they smell delicious. I let out a big yawn, I bite down into the crispy greasy bacon. My mom changes her tune quickly, as she looks over, to see me wearing my dads old Necklace. " Did you fall asleep with the necklace on again?" she asked suspiciously. I answered meekly "Y-yeah..." she frowned. She scolded " I told you not to sleep with it on! You could choke to death!" I sigh in response "I know but...whenever I wear it, it feels like Dad is still here..." I felt my face getting warmer as tears start to form. My mom walks over and wipes the tears off my face " I know you miss your father, I miss him everyday..." I glance over to her, watching a few tears swell from her eyes, then she continues " But you still have to take good care of yourself, okay?" I nod in agreement "Okay..." my voice is a little shaky. She wraps her loving arms around me " You're such a good girl..." I hug back and reply " I know..." the moment was soon interrupted when I saw the clock. "I'm gonna be late!" I quickly shovel my breakfast down my throat, rush upstairs to get dressed and grab my stuff. Then I zoom out the door until my mom stops me to give me a kiss, "Have a good day, Sweetie!" I run off yelling " I KNOW, MOM!" I sprint my way down to school SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! I'M GONNA BE LATE! I'M 14 YEARS OLD AND I STILL CAN'T GET TO SCHOOL ON TIME!? I zip into the hallways, trailing my way upstairs, I spot the wooden silver coated door. NO NO NO NO NO! Running, I take a leap of faith. The bell rings " I MADE IT!" my foot was at the very edge of the door, but then I realized I screamed that out loud in front the whole entire class. "Mrs. Isabelle, take your seat" my teacher snarled at me, Mr. Tangle Wood, was always so grumpy, he even looked it. He has a round grey mustache that pointed downward, he wore overalls with a bow pale red tie, but yet he had no hair on his head. Maybe he's always so grumpy since he had no hair on his head? I awkwardly made my way down to my desk. The girls nearby giggled at me, I could feel the blood rush into my cheeks, I felt like an idiot.

Hours of school pass by, nothing much happens really. Math, science, all the boring stuff. But then my favorite subject rolls around "Lunch!" I yell before biting into my delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then Theo plops down right next to me. He has glimmering dark brown skin, short gorgeous white hair, and a button nose to tie it all together. He was the school's pretty boy, and since I was friends with him, all the girls would ask me to hook him up with them. He looks over my shoulder " Peanut butter, again?" he sighs in disappointment " You should really try something new" he nags while he bites into his cheeseburger. I remark "Oh yeah, a cheeseburger is totally new" he rolls his eyes and continues to chew. He leans over and grabs my necklace "What is this any way? I know it was your father's, but I can't recognize what kind of mineral it is" I irritably pull it away from him "I don't know, but I wouldn't tell you any way if your gonna act like that!" he rolls his eyes and replies "Fine, fine, calm down..." we continue to eat. We clean up, and right as we were leaving, Samantha, walks over to me, the pink letter she's holding grabs my attention. She hands it to me "You're invited to my slumber party!" she smiles, I look at her in confusion We barely even talk to each other, why would she invite me to her party? I take the invitation " Uhh...thanks?" she smiles and skips away. Theo looks at me with a smug look on his face "...What?" I ask irritated while he keeps making that stupid face " Since when did YOU become so popular?" he mocks with a wide cheesy grin smeared across his face. I glare at him, "I'm not going to deal with this, I'm going to the library to search for my answers about my necklace" at that, I turn around and storm off. "Wait up!" Theo yells running after me "You know I was joking, right?" I let out a sigh " I know, it's just...I don't know...It was just so random, she just walks up into my life and hands me a letter. I guess it just reminded me how random my dad just "Disappeared" from my life" things are quiet now. We resume walking down the hallway, Theo awkwardly tries to apologize, but I honestly don't want to hear from him right now, so I start to pick up the pace. I arrive at the library's entrance, It was old but grand, the wood was perfectly cut to curve in so many elegant ways. The entrance was dark brown and carved to mimic the elegance of a tree, I stroll my way into the library, almost announcing my presence. But Theo was still trailing behind me, attempting to apologize for his mistake, but I wasn't in the mood to talk to him right now. I scan the book shelves, looking for any books about "Jewelry" or "Gems" or anything that I haven't read yet. I search for any new books, but nothing pops up about my necklace. The bell rings and tedious school starts again.

Hours of what feels like forever pass by, until the final school bell alerts us that school is over, for the weekend at least. I walk in and yell "MOM, I'M HOME!" I slam my backpack on the floor while jogging upstairs. I search for my mom in her usual spots. I wonder where she is? But at that thought, I hear a thunderous snore, I tip-toe to the other room. I rest my hand on the glossy golden door handle, feeling it's cold smooth curve nicely fit into the palm of my hand, I slowly twist it open. I poke my head into the room, only to catch my mom sleeping in again. I let out a soft sigh, I sneak over barely making even the slightest of sounds, then I give her a kiss on the forehead and walk on out. I stumble my way to my bedroom, then I let my shoes slip off as I collapse on my comfy little bed. My eyes feel heavy, I slowly let my body melt into the world of slumber, but then I stop myself, remembering what that girl gave me. I pull the dainty pink envelope out from my pocket. I examine the little heart cut outs that have been glued to the front and back of this piece of paper. The only difference is that on the front at the very center, there's a large red heart with little bumpy tufts surrounding it. I slide my finger underneath the envelope's opening, allowing the paper to slide open. Then I pluck out the note inside of it, I proceed to read "You're invited to my Slumber party! Sincerely, Sam" It was rather short, but simple to understand. Slumber Party?...That might be fun to go to... I get up to ask my mom if I could go. I open the door and I quietly walk over, my footsteps feeling somewhat heavy, I lean over and ask "Hey, mom? I was invited to a slumber party tonight, so I was wondering if I can go?" she responds with a mumbled "Yes" In response, I whisper " Thanks mom" then I leave the room. I start to pack my stuff for the sleep over; a toothbrush, pajamas, sleeping bag, gameboy, and of course my necklace. Then I wait for the night to come.

The clock strikes 6:00 pm, I quickly secure my bag with my invite, jog downstairs and sprint out the door. I hunt for the address that the letter tells me about, until I finally locate the house. It's located nearby the old forest, the house is a light faint blue worn out by time, it's a bit small, but it's livable. Although they left their garbage unguarded, providing the Pidoves and Murkrows a nice meal. I scamper up the steps, knocking on the front door. I hear the rush of footsteps tumble down the stairs and to the doorway. A girl with bouncy blonde hair swings the door open and excitedly pulls me in. "My mom and dad are out on vacation!" she exclaims ecstatically. She drags me upstairs to a room with two other girls, one wore glasses and had black hair, the other was a brunette with a strand of her hair dyed red, her nose was buried in her book. I set my stuff down while gracelessly waving at the other girls. The blonde hair girl grapples onto my arm again "Samantha, you know you could just-!" she drags me away before I could finish my sentence. "I can't wait to play all of our games!" she giggled, She's a lot more energetic at home than school I thought. Before realizing that she dragged me to the bathroom, "You can change in here while we set up the games!" after she announced that, she closed the door leaving me some privacy to change. I quickly change into my plain light blue pajamas and I slip my necklace back on, and head back towards the room.

We spend the rest of the night playing board games and talking, that kind of stuff. Until the brunette asks about my necklace, I tell her that it's personal and I'd rather not talk about it. At that, she quickly snatches it from my neck and starts to toy with it, "H-hey! Give it back!"I cried while I feel the warm tears start to drip down my cheeks. She quickly tosses it to the girl with the glasses, then Samantha saves the day by stealing back the necklace...Or at least I thought so. She walks over with the necklace in her palm, and dangles it in front of me. I desperately try to snatch it, but then she drops it, then stomps it. Everything feels so unreal, D-did that really just...? my body quakes while I shake my head in disbelief, tears start pouring from my eyes, I couldn't stop crying. The group of girls giggled and laughed Did they plan this? "H-hic..." I don't understand... "Hic..." I grasp at the remaining shards, trying to hold the tears back, but they won't stop. I crumble to the floor, defeated..."Are you still crying? C'mon, it was just a joke" I don't know which one of them said that, but I didn't care, I just retreated into the corner, sobbing. "Fine, if you're going to be so dramatic then we might as well go to sleep any ways" they turn off the lights, it was pitch black. I look out the window to see that the moon had vanished from existence A moonless night?...Really? that fact only made things worse, I HATED the dark. I held the remaining shards close to my chest, until my body gave into slumber.

I open my eyes to darkness, there is nothing but darkness. W-what?... I look around searching for anything, by nothing was in sight. But I felt something? I look down to see that the necklace had somehow reformed, or fixed itself? It didn't matter, I had my necklace in one piece! I smile while hugging it, I hold it close to my heart Wait, how can I see it if it's dark- CRACK! "GAHHHH!"I cry out in pain, feeling something dig into my chest. I see the necklace, I see it grow root like veins that crawled their way under my skin W-what!? What is-!? CRACK! I let out another scream. The shard is growing much larger, I can feel smaller shards slowly emerge around my neck, forming a sort of crest. "AHHHHHH!" I hear screams, but they aren't mine. I wake up and whip my head around, only to see the girls screaming in my direction. Why are they- Before I can finish my thought, I notice that the shard was embedded in my chest. Something bashes against my face, I look over to see that the girls are pelting me with toys and other vanities. I quickly scramble my way out of the room and into the hallway. I can feel the pain echo all over my body, I fall to the floor crying out in pain. I hold my left eye, I can feel it pulse and twitch. There was something clearly wrong and I don't know what it is. Frustrated, I try to get back up hoping that this is just another horrible nightmare. My legs lose their will to live, giving into the pain. I reach out to grab something to hold me up, I grasp a photo hanging on the hallway wall, only for it to slip off the nail it was bound to and shatter. I let out a screeching wail, attempting to cry out for help. suddenly, I violently grab a hold of my mouth, it feels like it's on fire! I try to cry out, but only faint whimpers and whines emerge. I bow my head, gazing at my reflection that the shattered glass had revealed. I saw that a sky blue eye stared back at me with a ghostly white pupil, along with dark pitch black skin and no mouth, it looked like its white hair was on fire, I continued to stare in disbelief until my back arched over and snapped into place. "GRAHHH!" I scream only to let out growls of what sounded like a wild animal. I feel my spine piercing through my skin, getting longer. My waist tucks itself in, squeezing my hips into a small space. I continue to let out yips and howls, crying out for help, but no one came. A dress like substance started to flare up from under my waist, I dig what's left of my hands into the solid cold wooden floor. My hands, now bulky claws at this point, crack and shift into place, allowing my fingers to curve and arch, melding into monstrous claws. The pain was too much to bare, I curled onto the floor, sobbing, holding my aching body hoping the pain would go away. Then everything feels fuzzy, What?...N-no... I feel my mind losing itself, as my body goes limp, and casts my mind into a forever nightmare.

I hope you enjoyed this! ( sorry if it had bad grammar or if I spelled something wrong!) I'm sorry if this was REALLY long. But I had fun making it!
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