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Pokémon Kalos journeys: For the ring! 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Will Bryce get the mega ring?! find out now!
Last season recap! Bryce started his Kalos journeys in Vannivile town Bryce woke up punched a bird got outside had a talk with 2 friends went to the next town got all the starters went through a lot of trees n youngsters lost to Viola evolved Fenniken into a Braxian blew up Violas gym and obtained the Bug Badge went to Lumoise city got Bulbasaur got a haircut and now has brown hair went through the Zubat-cave blew up the Zubat-cave had a couple evolutions stole Big Wheel beat Grant first try (IRL it took 3 tries but I sped it up) got Cliff Badge went over Reflection Cave and now is in Shalour city.. There! Let's begin! "To da tower of.." Bryce said forgetting the mastery in tower of mastery "ah whateve-" Bryce then was interrupted by Tierno who then gave Bryce a stone then left "uh thanks..?" Bryce said confused Bryce then ran up to the tower and saw a old lady and Korrina "what do want?" Bryce said looking at everyone because the group was there too "great now let's talk about Mega Evolution!" The old lady said smiling "oh dear Arceus" 10 minutes of nothing but rambling about the bond between trainer and Pokémon and Mega Evolution later "finally now I'm heading to Kor-" the group then had an idea then pushed Serena and Bryce next to each other "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Everybody but Bryce and Serena said "fine!" Bryce and Serena both rolled their eyes sending out their birds (by the way this won't relate to the games I know Serena doesn't have 6 Pokémon but I wanted to make it interesting) And the began get ready for nicknames galore! Bird Jesus/Pidgeotto vs Fletchender,Bulby/Ivysaur vs Charmeleon,Panpourtly/Simipour vs Simisage,Slashin'/Honedge vs Absol,Weedster/Beedrill vs Butterfree and finally Fiyah Fox/Braixen (fixed the misspelling of the Pokémon) vs Frogidier the Winner was Bryce and he was rewarded the Mega Ri- jk he has to defeat Korrina at the Gym buts that's for next time! The En- "ow my face! Stop putting that thing on my he-" I don't care! The End!
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    360 words.. Jeez
    Jan 5, 2016