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For the Problems I Publicized...

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Nothing much. Just read if you're bored or something. It's just my rants on how I hope to be a better person. Please don't comment or like, I really don't want this to be well known.
Hello everyone, I'm going to try to rhyme
In this poem that won't take up time

I'm definitely know to be ostentatious; even offline
It's not a huge difference when I log online

I love to show off and I crave attention
But some people get tired and I just form tension

This is not supposed to make anyone feel down
This is just my way of saying sorry for being a clown

Putting my problems up on display
Hoping that someone comes my way

Maybe that someone would stop and sympathize
Maybe they would look at what I dramatize

However, that's not the right thing to do
I need to keep my problems to myself and take a clue

That others might not care
Because that problem is not theirs

I'm not here looking for a like
Or a comment or a follow or an unlike

I'm here to apologize to those
Who I dawned my problems on and they know more than what they chose

It's unfair to them that I dragged upon them my problems
Those problems that never seem to resolve in a blossom

Should I leave of should I stay?
That's not a question for you. That's not what I'm trying to convey

I'll stay for what I can; and I one day may disappear
But that's not the near future, and that brings me great cheer

I'm not looking for attention; I won't even publicize
That I've written my first successful poem, in my eyes

For the problems I refuse to explain
I'm very sorry for being a pain

I hope we're past this and I can do my job here more humbly
It's my goal to be more sunny

To be able to make a virtual smile every time I come here
To be able to keep my problems to myself, and not to overhear

It's not my business
So I'll keep my distance

And not add on to the problems you already handle
The problems you want to burn off like a candle

So whether you say "Hey! It's Espeon!" Or "ugh. Espeon."
I'll be around for hopefully eons

I'll be there when you need me
And even though I won't share my problems, I'll listen to the ones you oversee

Hopefully then Charms will house one less Drama Queen
And one more positive, self controlled teen
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