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FNaF2/3 OC: Mahogany Schmidt

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon I'M HERE
Full Name: Mahogany Schmidt
Nickname: Maho
Gender: female
Age: 5
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: possibly blue
Race: American
Personality: Mahogany is hot-tempered like her father and has a good leader attitude like her mother.
History: Mahogany is the first child of Mike and Doll Schmidt. She is the older sister of Shin Schmidt. Not much of her life is known.
Status: alive
Species: human

Favorite Food: blueberry ice cream
Favorite People: Jeremy, Mike, Willow, Violet, Doll, Shin
Hates: the bossy Aya, Phone Guy, villains (especially Springtrap and the Phantom animatronics)
Favorite Color: black and sapphire blue
Powers: lightning bomb, tennis racket, music, ice and fire

Mahogany Schmidt has short black hair with bangs and tendrils. She has cobalt blue eyes. She wears a black jacket with furry cobalt blue trimming on the collar and sleeves. Mahogany also wears gloves and boots also, which also have trimming
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