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FNAF the story of roxie the fox: fnaf : part 2

by Hibiki/Komaeda

Hibiki/Komaeda this is the story of roxie
*Roxie ran after the guy and ran on stage all the kids saw her and what she tried to do they all ran all except one it was page*
a little boy : "page run!"
page : "no!"
Roxie : ...
page : *walks up to Roxie* "Roxie are you ok?"
Roxie : *looks down*
page : "whats wrong you can tell me" *pats her head*
Roxie : "i-i'll t-tell you l-later ok..."
page : "ok" *smiles*
*Roxie never told page what happened that day* *at night*
Roxie : *thinks : i have to get the night watchers!*
foxy : "R-Roxie are you going"
Roxie : "yup you want to come?"
foxy : "n-no thank you"
Roxie : "oh ok" *runs out of pirate cove*
night watcher : *closes door*
Roxie : "crap!" *walks back to pirate cove*
part 3 coming soon...