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FNaF: Character Reference Sheets: FNaF OC: Yuki

by SmolLimon

"You're still not dead yet, Faith?"

Name: Yuki Shinohara
Nickname: The Girl in Red
Gender: female
Age: 7
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: dark red
Species: human, ghost
Status: deceased
Fate: force impact
Personality: When Yuki was alive, she was always avoided in the public because of her being related to the Purple Man. As a vengeful spirit, Yuki is violent, cold, and cruel who dares to kill anyone who goes in her way.
Biography: More than 40 years ago, Yuki was a human girl living in a village. She was constantly picked on because of her being related to the Missing Children's killer, the Purple Man. At the age of 7, Yuki was invited to Eli Schmidt's birthday party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She later lies to Aya and Faith by saying that Golden Freddy is serving cake in the back room. As her father, the Purple Man, proceeds to kill Eli, Tom, Milo, Faith, and Aya, Yuki smiles and then is told that she can 'play with the children.' She sees Faith struggling to get back to her family and gives her a throat-burning medicine. Yuki also is seen burying Faith alive and stabbing her multiple times. As Yuki leaves, she slips on a shovel and falls on the ground and dies. Thirty years later, Yuki somehow manages to reunite with her dead father.
Occupation: unknown
Residence: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Birthday: December 25, 1979
Death: November 13, 1987
Purple Man- father
unidentified mother

Yuki has short messy jet black hair with bangs and tendrils. She wears a black seifuku, white stockings, and black Mary Jane shoes. Yuki has dark red eyes.
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