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FNaF: Character Reference Sheets: FNaF: Miki the Bunny

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon ...
Full Name: Miki the Bunny
Gender: Female
Fur Color: ash black/ash grey
Eye Color: blood red
Species: animatronic rabbit
Occupation: backup singer
Personality: Before Miki malfunctioned, she was the nicest animatronic ever, even the night guard never complained about her. After she malfunctioned, Miki started acting insane and sadist.
History: Many years ago, Miki was the very first version of Bonnie, Springtrap, Nightmare Bonnie, and Toy Bonnie (Shadow Bonnie does not count because he is a hallucination). However, the diner closed down after she malfunctioned and started pressing buttons that killed adults and children. In FNaF1, her endoskeleton is seen in the backstage. In FNaF2, Miki appears as Shadow Bonnie. In FNaF3, she appears as Shadow Bonnie once more in the 'Death Minigame' nicknamed 'STAGE01'.
Nightmare Freddy (Fredbear)
Nightmare Bonnie
Nightmare Chica
Chica (FNaF2 only)
Bonnie (FNaF2 only)
Freddy (FNaF2 only)
Foxy (FNaF2 only)
Chica (FNaF1 only)
Freddy (FNaF1 only)
Bonnie (FNaF1 only)
Foxy (FNaF1 only)
Mangle (Toy Foxy)
Toy Bonnie
Toy Chica
Toy Freddy
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Mike Schmidt

Miki is an animatronic rabbit with black fur and white eartips. She has red eyes and wears a cherry red bow as an accessory.