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FNAF Diary by nightcore&_&X3 Night 1

by nightcore^_^X3

nightcore^_^X3 this was it like to play FNAF..;_: and *_* (_) ^_^ %_% $_$ £_£ "_" !_! all faces one question : what face do you like ?
I was playing FNAF and the phone guy was telling me about the bite of 87' and that hit the suspense. I felt some pressure inside me and mostly terrified. Finally the call has ended...
But that hasn't worried me it was the animal animatronics that worried me most. But however one was already gone and found it in the kitchen. I think I have a chance to get to 5am; however, now all animatronics are gone and I got so terrified as ever before but the good news : its going well and its almost 6am. But the bad news : the animatronics are all gone (bonnie, Chicka and Freddy) Chicka and bonnie are both at the doors and I closed them, nevertheless the I'm going to make it but the power is on 1% and I keep saying " I'm going to lose!" so many times but I made it to 6am! I was already sweating and felt delighted! I'm glad its over...or is it? Because It was Night 1! bye.. until next time!
  1. nightcore^_^X3
    Jesus 172 words &_& ^_%
    Apr 8, 2015