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FNaF: Character Reference Sheets: FNaF: Caroline the Canary Ref.

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon IT'S ME
Full Name: Caroline the Canary
Nickname: Carol
Gender: female
Alignment: neutral
Personality: She may seem sweet but Caroline is actually a psychotic killer. During the day, she is good. But at night, Caroline stuffs any person she encounters into a suit. Don't say her opinion: protective.
Appearance: Caroline is an animatronic canary. She has the appearance of a real-life canary. Caroline has pink blush on the sides of her cheeks, cobalt blue eyes, stray feathers that stick up on the top of her head, a bib that says 'Let's Play!', and a pink garment, making her resemble Toy Chica.
Species: animatronic
Likes: cupcakes, killing people, knives, blue, Toy Chica, ice cream,
Dislikes: hot weather, Purple Man
Jumpscare: similar to Toy Chica's in FNaF2
Species: animatronic canary
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  1. OmegaPichu12345
    Real one...
    Full Name: Henry Hamster
    Nickname: Goofball
    Assigned Gender: Male (Was created customly, not stuffed)
    Appearance: A Yellow Hamster with his tounge sticking out (they made a tounge for Henry to be more goofball like) and white on the inside of his ears, a paper hat, and a Turqouise bow tie
    Personality: Goofy, Dumb, Funny (All of to the left)
    Intelligence: 5
    Species: Animatronic
    Likes: Fun, Paper stuff, Friends, Sweets
    Hates: Mayhem, Arguments/Fights
    Jumpscare: Has no clue what that is :p
    Mar 24, 2015
  2. OmegaPichu12345
    Mar 24, 2015
  3. OmegaPichu12345
    Lemme give you mine...
    Species: O'chunks
    Likes: O'chunks
    Jumpscare: O'chunks
    Alignment: O'chunks
    Mar 24, 2015