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FNAF reviews: FNAF 2 Review

by TheChaoticNerd

TheChaoticNerd Original:

Hello everyone, TheChaoticNerd here! And welcome to my second review on Charms' :)! I know this game is about 2 years old, but I'm still reviewing it :)!!
Anyways, let's get started :)!

The story is the same as the last game. You get hired and work the night shift while robots try to kill you....a lot of the same stuff. But what's interesting is what this game contributes to the storyline. I know there was a little bit of that in the original FNAF, but FNAF 2 is where I think it starts to get interesting. The minigames that can be played sometimes when you die really made me start wandering about the story and even some theories, like the Missing Children theory. I don't want to go into to much detail, or else I would spoil a lot of the storyline. But I still think it's great.

The gameplay is OK. The mechanics were fun to work with and the minigames were a nice touch, even if you just walking in them. Though what really hurts the game is that it is WAY too hard. The game is beatable, but still. The main reason why the game is so hard is mainly bcause Foxy is way too active. He can take up a lot of your flashlight energy and end you game even on 1 AM. Overall, I think this game's mechanics work fine, but it's quite hard.

FNAF 2's graphics were great. I like the 80's theme to the new animatronics, even if they do look less scary. But the game makes up for it with the old animatronics and The Puppet. The old animatronics just look like monsters, while The Puppet......just......
And the minigames were quite charming with the Atari style graphics, though mabye 8-bit would be a little more fitting. So I think the graphics are great.

The sound is used pretty well. It's very ominous, unsettling, and scary. The jumpscare noise is softer on the ears, though it less terrifiying. The title music is also better, having a more ominous and mysterious tone. Other sounds I like are the ambiance and the mangled audio. Overall, this game handles sound really well.



It's a great game, but is quite hard.