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FNAF reviews: FNAF 1 review

by TheChaoticNerd

TheChaoticNerd I copied/pasted a majority of the words for this review from my DA version of this :).

Here is the original:

Hello everyone, TheChaoticNerd here, and welcome to my first review on Charms' [​IMG]! Today, I will be reviewing the original FNAF [​IMG]! I know that I'm making this review WAY after it's been released, but I've been wanting to do a review on this series of games for a long time, and now's that time! Anyways, let's get started [​IMG]!!

Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) is a survival point-and-click horror game made by Scott Cawthon. The game is about a guy named Mike Schmit getting a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and having to survive the night without getting stuffed into a Freddy suit. FNAF was made after fans criticized his most recent game at the time, Chipper and Sons Lumber CO, for the characters looking like animatronics. After a while, Scott then used this criticism to create a game with actual animatronics.

Now the first thing I want to bring up is how creative the gameplay is [​IMG]. While not as creative as NightTrap's gameplay, it's still quite unique to say the least. Though I like how FNAF's is more balanced, with louder noises and more scares. Other reasons I like the gameplay is that the game makes you feel helpless with limited power and 4 (or 5) animatronics out to kill you. Another thing I like is the diversity in them. While Bonnie and Chica can be quite predictable at times, Foxy, Freddy, and Golden Freddy keep the tension high.

This game also uses sound pretty well too, with an ominous title theme (I think the other game have better ones though), background noises, footsteps, and other sounds. I like how even when the game warns you about whats going to happen, it's still terrifying. They can still get you by suprise (even Bonnie and Chica can). The only issue I have with the sound is that the noise for jumpscares is very ear-wrenching.

The visuals in FNAF are amazing. They are incredibly detailed, grim, very dark. Like when the Fazbear band is staring at you, when Foxy is coming out of Pirate Cove, when Bonnie is staring at you in the Backstage, and other stuff like that. It just adds to the feeling of terror and helplessness. The scariest to me is when Golden Freddy appears, because he comes out of nowhere, and he crashes your game.
With that gold face at my screen.

Other things I like about FNAF are it's story, replay value, and the hallucinations. Sorry, I don't have much to say other that it's great (The replay value is OK, but not perfect.)

Other flaws with this game are that, like I said earlier, the animatronics can be quite predictable at times, especially on 4/20 mode. Another thing is that the game is a little short. there are only 7 nights and since each night lasts about 9 minutes, this game could be beaten in an hour. Other than those, this game is great.


It has it's flaws, but FNAF is a great game.
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