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Flavio x Reader: Afternoon Tea

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir My pokesona, Flavio the shiny gardevoir gijinka, has invited you over for afternoon tea~
Oh, good afternoon, (Name). Pleased that you decided to join me for afternoon tea. Come on in, I've got a beautiful spread set up for us~

Hm? Oh, you've noticed the tea set I've brought out. It's quite an old one, I know. It was given to me by my great grandmother, who had it custom painted by an old couple from Floaroma Town. See those flowers on the rim? They're gracideas. Legend has it that if you offer one to a shaymin, they'll assume their sky forme.

Oh, I do apologise. Where are my manners today? I haven't even poured you your tea yet. Would you like Earl Grey, or Darjeeling? Alright. Do you want milk in that? How about sugar?

And please, help yourself to a slice of cake. I baked and decorated them fresh last night, so they'll still be very moist. The one on the left is a gateau au chocolat. It's quite rich, with a very intense chocolate flavour. You can take a forkful of the mousse if you like, and swirl some into your tea~ Or, if you'd prefer something lighter, I have a Victoria sponge on the right. I used raspberry jam in mine, to contrast with the sweetness and fluffy texture of the cake.

Well, now, perhaps you'd like to tell me a little about yourself. I hope that we'll find some common ground, (Name). It's all well and good, having a pretty young (Favourite Pokemon) like you to share my sweets with, but don't you think that we should at least be able to converse about something or other, while we eat?

Oh, really? I could never have guessed. Not just from looking at you, anyway. You're quite interesting company, you know that?

Well, I suppose now, I should get to telling you about myself. You may be wondering why I chose to let myself evolve naturally, instead of taking a dawn stone, and evolving into gallade. Well, the reason for that is, I simply couldn't see myself as a gallade. I'm not much of a fighter, in fact, I'm actually a pacifist, opposed to all violence, so I wouldn't need those big armblades, now, would I? I think I look far more approachable like this, too. Would you have come over for tea, if I had gently extended an armblade to you, and not my white gloved hand? *chuckle*

I was born in Petalburg City, in the Hoenn region, where I grew up an only child. My family were always quite well-off, due to my father owning a large company, and he assumed that I would take over for him, when I was old enough, but I refused. Instead, I went to culinary school, in the hopes of becoming a pastry chef. What can I say? My love of food follows me everywhere!

The cake was delicious? Oh, thank you ever so much! I wasn't sure about tweaking the recipe for that, but if you liked it, then I must have gotten it right!

It was a pleasure having you over, and I'd love it if we could meet again sometime! Take care!
  1. The Snom Prince
    The Snom Prince
    I now want to make a Reader Insert you always make me want to write what I suck at good job Roi :up::D
    Apr 20, 2017