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Flash Challenge: Red vs. Mewtwo

by GreninjaTrainer013

GreninjaTrainer013 For the Creative Flash Challenge. First time doing it, hope you guys enjoy!
Red was walking through Cerulean Cave. Only having one goal; finding the 150th Pokemon on the Pokedex, Mewtwo, believed to be the strongest Pokemon to ever exist. Surfing on his Lapras, he found a small island-like platform inside of the dark and deep cave.

Mewtwo looked behind him, there was a about-10-year old boy arriving. He knew it was a strong challenger, unlike his last challenger; Blue. He growled fiercely, ready to have a great match.

The Trainer sent out his Gengar, the Ghost/Poison-type only wanting to battle. It had it's most scary face ready. The Gengar used Shadow Ball, only for Mewtwo to be hit by the impact. Soon, it used Psychic, and let Gengar faint, in the blink of an eye.

Sending out his Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, Red let it use Blizzard. A strong and freezing cold wind then blew out of the Legendary Bird's wings, Mewtwo trying to block, but still getting hurt. Much to the amaze of Red, Mewtwo Recovered quickly, and the clone used Shadow Ball, only leaving the Legendary Bird fainted to a piece. Red was very surprised to see that not even Legendary Pokemon could rise up to Mewtwo's level. The Trainer gently returned his Articuno, and sent out his next Pokemon.

None of them did well, they all fainted in the process of the battle. Mewtwo was unamused by the Trainer. It wasn't even a challenge.

Red mumbled, and then sent out his trusty Charizard; his strongest Pokemon so far. The Fire- and Flying-type stomped to the ground, roaring feriociously. Charizard used Fire Blast, which caused Mewtwo to get hurt, before using another Recover. Then, the Legendary Pokemon used Swift, causing stars to shoot at Charizard at full speed. It hit, and Charizard fell down. Red rushed towards his partner, but, Charizard didn't give up. He bravely stood up. Charizard used Slash for it's Trainer, but Mewtwo used Protect. Charizard was blasted off into the water with Red.

It would be expected that Charizard's flame set off, but it didn't. Charizard looked up from the water, only to see it's Trainer injured. Charizard quickly realized that something was in Red's pockets; the key to success. The bond between Red and Charizard clashed together; and caused Charizard to gain a new form... MEGA EVOLUTION.

Mewtwo looked behind him, thinking that he had finished the Trainer and Pokemon. It then saw Charizard with his Trainer on his back, in a new sort of way. Charizard roared very loudly, and Mewtwo knew that this was the real fight it had been waiting for. The newly Fire- and Dragon-type Pokemon then used Fire Blast, which caused Mewtwo to get hurt harshly. Red threw an Ultra Ball at the Pokemon.


...It managed to get out! Mewtwo roared loudly, and used Swift. Charizard then used Swift as well, but Mewtwo was as quick as a flash, trying to not get hit by the stars. Charizard then used Slash, causing Red to think of his adventures... Which gained him enough motivation. He had to win! For his Pokemon's sake! He had to fulfill Professor Oak's dream! Charizard used Mega Punch on Mewtwo, causing the Pokemon to fall back harshly. It's HP had gone from 53%... to 13%.

The Pokemon tried standing up, but it was no use. Red threw the Ultra Ball.


It was done.
Red had officially done it.
He had caught the 150th Pokemon. Celebrating, he hugged his Charizard, which let Charizard return to it's normal form.

And so, Red was officially granted the name of Pokemon Master, with the help of his Charizard!
  1. TheOneCipher
    10 for sure! this is stellar!
    Apr 22, 2017
    GreninjaTrainer013 likes this.
  2. GreninjaTrainer013
    Wow, this is probably my best Written Work yet! Thanks for the support, guys!
    Apr 21, 2017
  3. Fraseandchico
    Nice Work Mate! On A Scale of One To Ten, I Say 11! Even if You Did Kinda Copy Origin's Battle.
    Apr 21, 2017
    GreninjaTrainer013 likes this.
  4. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    I love this story! It almost reminds me of how me and Omega, my Mewtwo met. You did an outstanding job with this! :D
    Apr 21, 2017
    GreninjaTrainer013 likes this.