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Flareon Love Story Part 1

by Blackened Flare

Blackened Flare Read and find out sucka! <.>

Where did it all start?

Was it him?

Or was it me?


Maybe it was the both of us

I don't know..."

~Two Years Earlier~

My name...my name is Aurora, I am a Flareon, and this is my story.

I had just moved to a forest in the Kanto region called sunny meadow forest. It was lovely, flowers bloomed everywhere, and no trainers tried to catch the Pokemon that lived there, just calm, and quiet. My home was under a large oak tree, it was very roomy, and comfortable. Being new, I didn't know anyone, so I decided to take a walk. As I walked, I saw a beautiful, sparkling blue pond and decided to check it out.

I looked into the clear blue water and saw my reflection, along with a few small fish swimming around. Dipping my head, I lapped at the clean, cool water taking a short drink. After wiping my then wet chin, I stared out into the forest. I saw a Vulpix pup playing with a Growlithe pup as a Ninetails, and Arcanine watched them. A few Odish were running around in the warm sun, and a Vaporeon, and Glaceon cuddled on the other side of the pond. All around me were couples, or friends playing together, it made me feel lonely.

"Hey move it Flareon." A gruff voice barked, making me turn around. I was met with a handsome Mightyena. His eyes were red, his fur light grey with black markings. "Hey I told you to move Flareon!" He barked again. I sharpened my green eyes, and turned away from him, I heard him growl before he stood beside me. "You're in my spot! Move!"

"I don't see your name on it!" I had said matter-o-factly, gazing at my reflection again. I fluffed up my ring of fluff around my neck, and gave it a lick. "Maybe if you ask politely I would oblige. And my name isn't 'Flareon', it's Aurora."

He sighed, from the corner of my eye I saw him shake his head before he inhaled. "Will you please move out of my spot Aurora." He said, making me look at him.

"That's better," I purred scooting over a few spaces. "I don't think I got your name." I watched as he dipped his head, and lapped thirstily at the water.

"It's Night," He answered, after he sat up, water dripping from his jaw. I held in a giggle. "You're new here right?"

"Yes I am, how did you know?" I asked.

"Three reasons, one the only other Flareon in this forest is a male named Blitz, two, this is a small forest, everyone knows each other, and three everyone has been talking about the pretty Flareon that moved in under the oak tree." Night explained licking his chops.

"O-oh I see..." I looked at my paws.

"Do you want me to show you around?" The Mightyena had sighed, making me look at him in surprise. "It's no problem...I have nothing else to do."

"I-I'd love that!"

"Then come on." He motioned his head into the forest, before he walked into the green, lush forest. I fallowed behind him in a small trot before I was walking beside him, a small smile on my face.
  1. Belladonna Valkyrie
    Belladonna Valkyrie
    *gives you a cookie* this is good ^^
    Jan 18, 2016