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Me and my Friends as Anime villains: Flame - Hell's Blade

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain the shortest character for the shortest friend, both are dirty players though

Flame - Hell's Blade

A mute stealthy assassin with control over heat and fire, he has mastered the art of manipulating spiritual fire, also known as sentient fire, and uses it with his chains and blades for maximum Pain output

Strength - 1.5 (needs to be just strong enough to carry lots of chains)

Defense - 1.2 (Assassins aren't very durable)

Intelligence - 2 (he is smart, but can't speek cause of the stitched mouth)

Speed - 3 (the fastest member of the team, he gets in, kills/burns the target and gets out)

Power - 0.5 (his power is lack luster compared to others with Power points)
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