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by Cloudswift


Okay, this is my first time doing one of these. I’m gonna do more than one, so bear with me for a few “episodes”. Note that this has absolutely NO connection whatsoever to my Fakemon Region. If I were a Fire Type Gym Leader(Whew, that’s a lot of capitals…), I would obviously have a Pokemon in the Cyndaquil line! It’d probably be around the third Gym or so, to justify having a Quilava. Ahem, let’s get to the Gym’s design. It’d be a circus looking gym, with Harlequins and Fire-Breathers and assorted entertainers. I think it’d be cool to have it kind of like Elesa’s Gym in BW2, where one section gets lit up, you beat it, and another one lights up. There would be five of these, just because I like the number five and it seems reasonable. Then you would battle me, kind of the Ringleader. My outfit would be… different. It’d be like a suit and top hat, but with fire designs on it. When you beat me, I would give you the Burn Badge. When you finally get to me, Here’s my dialogue:

“So, you finally got here! Took you long enough, but it was fun watching you! I can’t wait to battle you! Prepare for my fiery inferno of awesomeness!”

Here’s my Pokemon, in no particular order(the moves might not be entirely cannon though…) :

Quilava, Level 34

Ability: Flash Fire

Flame Wheel

Quick Attack

Flame Charge

Hidden Power

Houndoom, Level 32 (This is the one that makes people throw their games out the window)

Ability: Flash Fire

Thunder Fang




Growlithe, Level 30

Ability: Intimidate


Flame Wheel

Take Down

Fire Fang


Trainer victory: “Sigh. Looks like you win. Good job, though! That was a fun battle. Here’s the Burn Badge, you earned it!”

Her victory: “Good game! We’re always in town, so come back to see us any time!”