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FNaF: Character Reference Sheets: .:Five Nights at Freddy's: Elise:.

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon have a nice day. hehe! ~Elise

Bite of 87 victim. yes i still think that FNAF4 takes place in 1983. Remember: FNAF2 takes place in 1987
NAME: Elise Blake
CODE-NAME: Child 9
GENDER: female
SEXUALITY: homosexual
AGE: 9 or 10
STATUS: alive, dead, resurrected
FATE: bit on the frontal lobe ((then brought back from the dead by the 7th child))
FAVORITE ANIMATRONIC: Golden Freddy, Mangle, Foxy
LEAST FAVORITE: BB ((well duh))
THEME SONG(S): ME!ME!ME! / Kokoro / Bad Apple / Dead Hearts / Titanium
HAIR COLOR: jet black
EYE COLOR: blue, pale grey ((it depends))
PERSONALITY: Elise is a quiet person with slight anger issues. Known to be stubborn and have a hissy-fit. She has schizophrenia and is afraid of Faith ((her hallucination, not the ghost kid.)) Elise was Carolyn's best friend and was angered ((maybe that's why her anger started)) when 'he' 'stole' her best friend.
BIRTHDAY: November 13, 1977
DEATH/RESURRECTION: November 13, 1987 ((4th child's birthday was in November 13, 1987. Coincidence?))
ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio ((October 24 - November 21))
FRIENDS: Carolyn Grey, Golden Freddy, etc
ENEMIES: you know the rest...
APPEARANCE: Elise has short jet black hair with bangs and tendrils. She has blue eyes. Her attire is white shirt with a red collar and sleeves with the number 87 on it, black shorts, black tennis shoes, and a dark red scarf.
-Elise happens to be perfectly fine when she is near the Purple Guy. It is unknown why.
-She and Phone Guy dislike Timothy's food topics the most.
-Her favorite anime is Fairy Tail.