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FNaF: Character Reference Sheets: .:Five Nights at Freddy's: Cameron Matty:.

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon Hi there ♡
"I've been a bad person.."

NAME: Cameron Matty
GENDER: female
AGE: 12
SEXUALITY: homoflexible; romantic
WEIGHT: 98 lb
HAIR COLOR: brown (dyed) black (actual hair color)
EYE COLOR: green
BIRTHDAY: somewhere in 1995
OCCUPATION: hikikomori, schoolgirl, murderer, yandere, tsundere
PERSONALITY: Cameron is a stubborn girl with an obsession for anime and manga. She locked herself from the outside world. She despises Syico because she bullied her because of her weight. Her classmates describe her as a nerd and well versed into horror culture.
SIGNATURE: キャメロン マティ
VICTIM PROFILE: Sakura "Syico" Hashimoto
METHOD: lured to empty room and stabbing them multiple times before dumping the body
STATUS: alive
ALIGNMENT: neutral
INSPIRATION(S): Nevada-tan, Yandere-chan
RESIDENCE: unknown
THEME SONG: ME!ME!ME! // Titanium // GIRL // ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC // Shiroi Fuukei // Dollhouse // Crybaby // Mirai Nikki Opening // Bring Me to Life // Haunted // Die in a Fire // It's Been So Long // Five Nights at Freddy's // Bad Apple // Friend // Old Doll // Memory
FAVORITE ANIMATRONIC(S): Mangle ((Toy Foxy)), Cherry
LEAST FAVORITE(S): BB, Puppet, Fredbear ((Golden Freddy))
ZODIAC: unknown
APPEARANCE: Cameron has short black hair with bangs and tendrils, she has a cowlick that stands at the top of her head. She keeps her hair dyed brown and is rarely never seen without it not dyed. Her eyes are a light shade of green and her skin is fair. Cameron's attire is a yellow sweater, black skirt, white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes. On rare occasions, she wears a sweatshirt with the word, Nevada, on it. Cameron also appears to wear shorts and tennis shoes.
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