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First Theory

by CreepyKidInDaCorner

Hey fellow Gamers it's me your pal (maybe not everyone's pal) Forest and this is my first theory.

So today's topic is about that thing in the Pokemon Direct... The curry is a new feature in Sw/Sh. But one thing caught my eyes. Sausage Curry!! This is something maybe you've seen before. But I will be telling you what is in those sweet, succulent, tender... <.><.><.>Wait was I saying? Oh right! I will tell you what's in the sausages. The sausages look to brown to be a veggie sausage and wouldnt be in that much use in a curry. Also It says that sausages should be boiled before cooking. Something that you would do with sausages! Which contain meat! With a casing of intestine ore lining! So in those sausages are a bunch of ground up miltank steaks. Evil much Game Freak >:D>:D>:D.

Until next time Game On!8)
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