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OC: First OC

by JuicyPiko

JuicyPiko Not really the first but the first I've drawn on paper. Pretty old drawing, I was planning on coloring him later on after I try and remember what I had in mind for him.

Name: Toshiyuki Nobuyuki
Nickname: Yuki
Species: Fox deity
Gender: Male
Anime: Inuyasha
Personality: As a deity, he has a lot of knowledge about the land around him, but also being a fox, he has urges to cause mischief, only enough to have people around him to laugh along with him. He's able to prank people without them knowing he's a deity by transforming himself into a fox. Toshiyuki's eyes indicates that he's immortal though he has visited the Nethers of different places plenty of times, being careless enough to bring back people from the afterlife/Nethers. Since Toshiyuki has other things he needs to worry about, he doesn't care what he wears as long as it's warm (not use to cold weather though he can produce it) so he has been mistaken for a girl plenty of times before, but he doesn't really care about what people thinks about him; he other things to worry about. However, his bright and cheerful personality comes from certain loses he encountered before he was even able to walk, so ever since he got his powers, he has made it his mission to stop losing people he cherish though he knows he has to say goodbye due to his immortality. Yuki also tends to go into battle without knowing what he's fighting for, then remembers all the people he's protecting, or trying to. If he fails, there's a likely chance the person who beaten him will not see him again, get burned to death and join Rushifā (is coming soon), freeze to death, or put a curse upon that person, then visit the Nethers to find the person he failed to protect.
Friends with: Shippo, Rin, Kagome
Hates: Inuyasha, Koga
Likes: Sweet or spicy foods, dogs, warm and/or peaceful areas
Dislikes: fights, cold, losing friends in wars
Weapon: Golden twin blades that was rumored that the reason why it has that color in the first place is because of Yuki's fiery spirit
Abilities: It is that he can visit the afterlife, but Yuki only goes down there to ask for advice from people he's known in the past and might know more than he does because if someone's spirit down there grabs his tail, he can bring them back to life so he usually tried to speed run it or find a way to cover his tail (which fails), giving him the title: God of Life and Death. Despite his odd-color-scheme-for-a-fox and fox deity stuff, he posses the power of ice, which did startle him. This also explains why he doesn't show too much skin either, because he hates the cold. Yuki usually only uses his ice powers to get someone to stay which rarely happens. He believes that the person would be safer with him.
Element: Icy fire - can sometimes produce blue fire that's cold to the touch
Background: Some people find it hard to believe but this deity used to be a normal white fox with no special powers but can gain the power to talk. Rushifā saw the abilities of this little fox so Yuki somehow found himself in the Nethers in front of Rushifā himself. Rushifā gave him powers and made him into a deity, being smart enough to give him the elements that don't exactly mix well together so it's hard to find the young deity's weakness. This changed Yuki a lot, not only that he started walking but he found himself a human body which was really a pass-me-down by a hero. Since Rushifā is the lord of the Nethers, Yuki obtain the powers to travel there as he please. Since he is a deity, he can't be killed unless he's in his fox form, which only occurs when his power is drained. What mostly gives seen across his body which is blue fire across his back.
Theme Song: copy and paste this ---vvvv
Behind his name:
Toshiyuki - male name meaning clever and happy
Nobuyuki - male name meaning faithful happiness
Yuki - snow

Have questions? Leave them here and I'll answer them~ somehow
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